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Inga + Michael

We can't wait to share family life with a brand new person!

We know that you are incredibly special to want the best for your child. Choosing to consider adoption shows how much love you have and want to give. It's a decision that will change the lives of so many involved- and one that adoptive parents like us would be forever grateful for.

Knowing Michael’s mom was adopted as a baby made us feel even more secure in the path to adoption. She will have a unique bond with whatever child gets placed in our lives, and they will be able to share feelings we may never fully understand. We were both truly lucky to have close and loving families growing up. Siblings and extended family visits were always front and center. Inga had to say goodbye to her mother much too soon, but learned so much from her wonderful nature and kind, joyful spirit. Inga can’t wait for the opportunity to be just as good of a mom! 

We wish for you and your baby to find the best path and feel confident in what lies ahead. We want to be there for you and talk through any questions you might have.

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We’re both graphic designers who met at art school in college. After ending up in the same art history class, Inga recognized Michael outside of class and made a point to casually bump into him. He, of course, turned out to have a girlfriend at the time so friendship, studying for class, and mutual appreciation of artistic talent was the initial foundation in the relationship. Eventually all this turned into more. Michael wooed Inga with charming hand-drawn cards. Inga made a few for Michael as well. There's a box full that we still keep around for the fun memories. And we make a point to create our own cards for each other, when we have time! Most of them now feature Aggie.

Inga currently freelances; working with design by way of video/media. She develops storyboards, titles, animations and the occasional logo. In her downtime, she enjoys baking, sewing, gardening, decorating and biking.

Michael works mostly on web design these days, but still makes time for a little illustration (starring Agnes). Most recently, he’s been working on his record collecting hobby and also enjoys biking, golf, and the latest superhero movie.

We spend our time together cooking and trying out new recipes, listening to good music and catching up with friends and family. In the warmer months, we enjoy long bike rides along the lake. We like having company over for the occasional chili party, pot-luck dinners, puppy play-dates, or even just to watch a good TV show. A few of our favorites are; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Good Place, Crashing and Stranger Things.

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Please check back soon for new posts.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Inga + Michael

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Inga + Michael