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Our Story

Our lives revolve around our friends and family since that is what is most important to us both. In fact, we may not have become a couple if not for the encouragement from our close friends Ellen and Drew. They knew us both well during our single days, and would prod each of us with a "Trevor's your guy!" or "I'm telling you, Laura is perfect for you!"

Once we finally went on our first date, we absolutely hit it off! It was unlike any date either of us had been on before, we talked for hours and didn't stop from that moment on.

Believe it or not, our relationship progressed so quickly that we began talking about starting a family of our own even before getting engaged. We both had a lot of experience with kids thanks to our friends and family and quickly learned that we wanted the same things out of life. Our wedding was a great example...rather than having a typical wedding party, we invited all of the children from our friends and family to dress up and play that important part in the ceremony. We had over thirty children walk down the aisle ringing bells before Laura made her grand entrance!

We Love To:

Go to the park to play.

Cook fresh meals together

Talk about our days at breakfast and then catching up over dinner

Attend college football games (Go Horned Frogs!)

Go to church every week

Family trips to national parks - just returned from a week in Yellowstone.

The beach in Florida and South Carolina. Visit grandparents and sisters.

Get together with family for every holiday!

Have dinner with family and friends

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our home and community. Our house is in a fantastic neighborhood close to downtown with many parks nearby. We have a very family centered home, there is an open living, dining, and kitchen area. In that space we have 17 places where people can sit. We enjoy cooking together, and just hanging out in the living area whether i's sitting at the dining table (Laura's great grandmothers) or on our huge sectional sofa (we stay on the same side together). The downstairs open area is where we spend most of our time. We also have a game room downstairs where all the kids that come over love to play. Many nights Trevor will use the grill in the backyard to cook us something yummy. All three bedrooms are upstairs, so when it's time for bed we head upstairs to have sweet dreams. The baby room will be 8 steps from our bedroom. a cozy happy house with lots of inspirational quotes throughout.

We attend church weekly with James. We believe it is an important way to kick off our week and helps us grow spiritually as a couple and as a family. We pray daily and believe that prayer changes things. We hope to pass on to our children the importance of prayer and faith.

Most importantly to love one another. We strive to show our love to others daily and hope that our children will do that too; letting their light shine bright.

About Laura

adoptive family photo - Laura Laura is very outgoing. She is a rare combination of selfless and fun. She has four nieces that think she 'hung the moon' and she is a Godparent to at least four families that I can think of off the top of my head.

Laura devotes her spare time to others. Whether it is helping her friends and family, speaking and mentoring young women at the Junior League or at charitable events. She truly enjoys helping others. She is a voracious reader and can easily finish two or three books during a single vacation.

Laura is a planner and home maker. She loves to cook, decorate and loves to fill our calendar with fun events. Early in our relationship I told her that I would like to share a calendar with her. Little did I know, that was music to her ears! She designed her own calendar and then filled it with fun things for us to do together. To this day we have a calendar on our fridge and she makes it a point to put all of our activities on it.

What I cherish most about being married to Laura is she is my best friend and my biggest cheerleader. I always know Laura will support me and her devotion continues to make me a better person to this day.

Professionally, Laura is an incredible educator. Laura started as a top notch teacher and was a Middle School Principal. She stepped away from being a principal in June of 2017 to focus on being a wife and mom. She continues to volunteer in our community while enjoying time at home.

Laura is an incredible mother to our son James. I cannot wait to see her grow even more as a mother to another child.

About Trevor

adoptive family photo - Trevor My husband is the most kind and considerate man I know. He is my best friend and laughs with me every day. When I had knee surgery he took care of me, and even drove me to and from work and to and from physical therapy for 6 weeks. He cheered me on and encouraged me to get better each day.

Whether he is working hard on the job or helping out around the house, Trevor is always working to make our lives better. Trevor has a calm and peaceful way about him that puts everyone he meets at ease. He is supportive in my life and wants to make sure I am happy every day.

Trevor has a happy spirit and is one of the wittiest people I know. He wakes up every day in a positive mood. When I ask him what he wants for dinner or what he wants to do this weekend he always replies: "Something Awesome!"

Trevor always puts his friends and family first. He has many solid friendships, and many of those going back to childhood Trevor is a great athlete. He runs twice a week, plays in a soccer league and loves to play golf whenever he can.

Trevor is the most wonderful dad. He is patient and playful. His smile lights up a room and James loves him.

Trevor on his career: I am proud that I am a hard worker and provider. I am part owner of a sports facility. I start most of my mornings making Laura breakfast, playing with James (while checking morning emails), and then I am off and running. I am fortunate to be the general manager of the sports facility which helps my schedule to be flexible for family time.

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