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Our Story

Our story began on a dating website in 2009, but it didn’t take long for us to fall in love. I thought Mike was sweet, genuine and hilarious. And I could instantly see that Alyssa was not only beautiful on the outside, but had the biggest heart in the world -- I asked her out on a second date before finishing appetizers on the first! By the time we got married in August 2014, we knew we wanted our family to include children. This didn’t surprise anyone who knows us due to our love of kids, nurturing nature and open hearts.
Those who know us best say we’re a couple who have a lot of love, bring balance to each other and keep the important things, like family and friends, at the forefront. You can find us taking road trips to the beach, playing games like Uno and Connect 4 and, most of all, making each other smile and laugh. Basically we are a couple of goofballs who want to bring the love we have for each other to our baby's life.

Our Home

We have lived in the same spacious 2-bedroom converted apartment in Manhattan for 6 years. Our building is like a little family in itself, with many other young children and the doormen have known us (and our family) for years. We are in a beautiful, safe neighborhood just a couple of blocks from parks, schools and two major hospitals. Best of all we are just blocks away from Mike's sister, our brother-in-law and two nieces and Alyssa's sister and (soon-to-be) brother-in-law.

About Mike

adoptive family photo - Mike Growing up in Long Island, NY, with my parents and older sister, people knew me as a big-hearted kid with a great sense of humor. OK, maybe I joked around a little too much in class, but I was always known for being kind and generous to everyone and anyone. Most of all, I loved sports, whether it was playing basketball and baseball, or collecting memorabilia like jerseys and basketball cards (more on that later).
Another common theme in my life is working with kids. I’ve always had a knack for relating to kids on a level where they feel safe, special and free to have fun -- my nephew Jordan even calls me his “best friend Mike.” This ease with children led me to my first job after graduating from Towson University: working as an instructor at kid’s gyms.
While I loved spending my days playing with children (and Alyssa found it endearing), I always knew my passion was collecting and selling vintage sports jerseys, memorabilia and clothes. With my wife’s encouragement and support, I turned an eBay hobby into a thriving business with a devoted following and a retail store in New York City. We have our own little family at the store, and it’s a place that kids love to visit and play video games like NBA Jam while their parents shop and enjoy the nostalgia.
When I’m not at the store, I love attending sports events (go Knicks!), visiting flea markets, supporting other local businesses and, of course, spending time with Alyssa.

About Alyssa

adoptive family photo - Alyssa I grew up in a tight-knit family with my parents and two sisters in the suburbs of New Jersey. Those who know me best would describe me as a great listener, reliable friend and loving, generous family member who puts her strong values into practice every day.
It was in high school where I met my lifelong best friends, many of whom are parents themselves, and who have been a loving support system through all my ups and downs since my teen years. Our little one will grow up with these friends and cousins by his or her side.
After graduating from the University of Maryland, I knew that I wanted to pursue a masters degree and become a social worker, field in which I’ve found a passion. I find it so satisfying to do something I love and be in a helping profession.
I still have many hobbies, like taking yoga classes, finishing complicated jigsaw puzzles and creating crafts like needlepoint. You can find these projects all over our house and the houses of my loved ones: My niece and nephew proudly hang the shark puzzle we finished together in their playroom.
Otherwise you can find me rooting on my favorite teams (especially the New York Giants!), going to the beach and watching classic, old movies and musicals. More than anything, I love spending time with Mike and sharing our life surrounded by family and friends.

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