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2019: Spring Morning in Seattle

  • Spring photos 2019
  • Scott and rahel
  • 2019 spring

The Latest and Greatest

  • Cuddles
  • 3 min drive to the beach is always a gift
  • Greatest Papa in the world
  • Lunch with Grandpa and his Granduncles!
  • Cousins!
  • Family!
  • Who wants to be a brother?!
  • Dorky parents on a date to the opera :)
  • Family dinner is *every* night

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  • Well...he asked about rockets. Rahel loves diving into whatever questions or ideas Yoni and his friends have.
  • Halloween with his cousins in our neighborhood!
  • Halloween with his cousins in our neighborhood!
  • Yoni and Rahel have a mutual fascination with ice pops and cool sunglasses.
  • Yoni with his cousin Eliana. Eliana and her parents (Scott's siblings) live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where they work as linguists.
  • Yoni and his dear friend Rae. We are lucky to have many close friends in the area who are also parents to toddlers and newborns!
  • Yoni using Scott's guitar and an empty paper roll as a cello in our old home. He is starting lessons this fall.
  • FaceTiming with Rahel's sister Martha, a Nurse practitioner in Washington D.C.!
  • Cousins mesmerized by Curious George on TV. We are pretty strict with screens (we only use it about once a week).
  • FaceTiming with Rahel's sister Lea, a Nurse practitioner in Brooklyn, NYC! Rahel and her father are the only members of her family that are NOT in medicine. Her third sister is in medical school and her mother has been a nurse for over 40 years,
  • First push pop!
  • We have a "toddler tree" and an adult tree. The toddler tree is the house favorite, though!

About Us

  • kid vs. fresh pie
  • bffs
  • cousins!
  • Yoni and Scott beat the heat
  • We are part of an amazing preschool co-op. I work there 1-2x a week.
  • An annual trip to see the Washington tulips!
  • Our popular farmers market- we walk there every Sunday for lunch and coffee.
  • Yoni and his Grandpa (Aboi) at our local garden nursery and cafe.
  • Yoni, his Grandpa and Rahel playing soccer by the beach!
  • Yoni and Rahel
  • Scott and Rahel on a date to the opening party at SAM's Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors. We're trying to look cool here and very much failing at it.
  • Grandpa and Yoni
  • Yoni and his friends at our local zoo
  • The cousins at our local cupcake shop.
  • Picnic with a view of the waters and mountains just minutes away from our home!

2019: Spring Morning in Seattle

Spring photos 2019
Scott and rahel
2019 spring

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