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We love every aspect of parenting, but the bedtime routine we have at home has to be one of our favorites. We normally have dinner at home, then retreat to the living room for a board game, kid podcast,  piano or silly dancing. After a bath and pajamas, Johannes picks out the books he wants Scott to read to him before bed.  We think it’s wonderful that he’s amassed a little library and his own reading couch in the corner of his room.

We can’t wait to start this tradition again. We can’t wait to give Johannes’s little sibling his or her own room, and see what kind of little library they choose to build. We can’t wait to get him or her a little couch, and create a new bedtime routine showered with the same warmth, comfort and love we’ve been able to provide Johannes.

There isn’t an hour that goes by when we aren’t hoping that the wonderful gift of parenting a child will happen again.

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