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Monday Night

We went to the playground after devouring a homemade dinner of beef sirloin roast, roasted sweet potatoes with a green leaf and radicchio salad tossed In a homemade champagne vinaigrette. The dinner nearly put us in a food coma, so we decided to go outside and work off the sleepiness. We watched a gorgeous sunset, swung on swings, climbed up a tree and casually discussed how gravity is essentially the curvature of spacetime, caused by the uneven distribution of mass. Yoni seemed blown away and excited by the lesson Read more »

On Our Way….

Had to make the boys strike a pose in front of this incredible mural. We were on our way to the Science Center in downtown Seattle- a place that is quickly becoming our third home (the second place being The Museum of Flight).  As you can see here, getting Yoni to stop in the cold, stand in front of a mural and smile at a camera for the Read more »

Spring 2019

Time seems to be flying this year! I can’t tell if time is speeding up because of the fact Scott and I are getting older or if it’s because of the way we are filling up our days. It feels like the holidays just wrapped up, but the flowers are blooming, the heavy jackets are off and our cravings for iced coffees, backyard picnics, Read more »

Winter 2018

Wow- what an eventful couple of months! Our family had been yo-yo-ing between vacations across the country, long weekend trips to visit family and friends across Washington state and gearing up for the holiday season. Our visits over the past couple of months include LA, New York City, Chicago, Spokane, Bellingham, and Scottsdale. Will upload Read more »

Fall 2018

This summer is winding down and I can’t believe how quickly this season passed! The last month has been jam-packed with daily adventures that have been priceless. We kicked off August with a trip to Portland to visit a friend’s family farm. Although I consider myself a city girl through and through, I found myself loving life on the farm. Read more »

Summer 2018

Today is the first weekend of the summer I can recall where we’ve had an opportunity to just wake up together, stay in our pajamas, have breakfast, walk to the coffee shop for milk and lattes and then walk home just to read, play some music and nap. While Yoni is sleeping in his room, Scott is off getting his banjo fixed and I am in my Read more »

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