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Our Story

We met as co-workers at a marketing agency in Seattle over seven years ago. After six months of friendship and awkward flirting, we went out for margaritas and the the rest is history! We love each other a lot. It's kind of a cheesy thing to declare, but it's true. We've explored different countries together, nurtured our careers and built a home we're proud of. Our love has grown to unimaginable levels since we welcomed our little boy in 2015. He is a joy. Becoming parents has only deepened our bond to each other and makes us so grateful for the life we have. Our daily routines as a family includes eating homemade meals together, playing music, voracious reading and playing outside, rain or shine. Lately, we've been busy growing a backyard vegetable garden, learning everything there is to know about the solar system, playing piano and practicing soccer. We've learned that our passions change with our son's interests, and that exploring his questions and imagination fuels how we want to spend our time. We can't wait to meet the final piece of our family. We know she or he is out there, and are eager to raise her or him with relentless love, strength, wisdom and kindness.

Our Home

We've lived in one of the most popular and most-desired neighborhoods in the country for the past five years. Our home is a bright, large, well-designed 3 bd, 2 bath mid-century duplex located on a quiet family street with a fenced-in private backyard and vegetable/herb garden. Our hone is full of 60's modern furniture, persian rugs and vintage photos or paintings. We've got a big old piano in our living room instead of a big old TV (we've got a TV downstairs- we're not crazy, lol). Our home is is also full of books (we're both English majors) old records and musical instruments. We're directly behind a playground, wading pool and some of the best elementary and middle schools in Seattle. We're walking distance to popular cafes, shops and grocery stores. We're a 5 minute drive from beaches, a zoo and other popular Seattle tourist sites!

About Scott

adoptive family photo - Scott I was born in Bellevue, Washington and have grown up all over the Greater Seattle area. I was the third of four kids, and the only boy. Our childhood was spent mostly outside -- baseball and fort-construction in the backyard, long road trips in our red '88 Dodge Caravan... Otherwise, it was all music, all the time. My parents loved to listen and perform. My mother was a professional pianist and passed on her deep love of classical music. I've picked up all kinds of instruments throughout my life -- piano, trombone, baritone, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo. Yoni and I play piano almost daily and am looking forward to sharing my love for music with our children as they grow.

I majored in literature at Seattle Pacific University in 2010 and met Rahel at work a year later. Despite growing up on opposite ends of the country, we instantly and effortlessly connected over our true loves: family, reading, writing, and film scores.

I am the Director of Digital Strategy at a growing marketing agency in Seattle and spend most of my free time with our son and my wife, extended family, friends, books, and music. We're so excited for the opportunity to grow our family through adooption and embark on this next adventure together!

About Rahel

adoptive family photo - Rahel I'm a Maryland native with three amazing sisters and two loving parents who moved to Seattle almost ten years ago to start college in the hopes of becoming a physician. That all shifted my junior year when I took my first creative writing class- I soon switched majors and graduated with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing.

I took on a copywriting job soon after graduating and met Scott. We fell in love, got married and had our first son, Yoni, in 2015. Having Yoni changed everything for me- I left my long-term role as a program manager at a major Seattle tech company to be with him full-time. Surprisingly, being at home with Yoni has opened more doors for me than I could have anticipated. I've learned so much about myself- mainly that I am really obsessed with learning and trying new things. Lucky for me- kids are really good at that! I spend my days getting lost in books, numbers, museums, playhouses, beaches, music, painting, writing, cooking new things and meeting amazing people.

I'm also fluent in Tygrinia (my parents emigrated to the U.S in the 70's from Eritrea), and have taught the language to Yoni as well. Heritage is important to our family, and I am excited to teach it to our next baby or thrilled about potentially learning and speaking another language all together.

Our biggest hope now is to expand our brood through adoption and grow together as one healthy, loving, educated and incredible family.

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