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Darrick and Barbie


Darrick and Barbie
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Dear Birth Mother/Father,

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family! We adopted our son three years ago (cutest dang kid ever, at least I think so) and are so excited to do it again! We are hoping for a race other than causcasion, because our son is black. We don’t want him to feel alone. We are approved to adopt a child up to one year old. We are willing to change our homestudy to be more open to two and three year olds if we are given enough time and feel right about the situation. We don’t know where he or she is coming from, but we’ve prayed a long time and feel like we’re supposed to start our journey now. We know God has a plan. We want to expand our family so badly and I can’t wait to meet not only the baby, but the selfless birth mother as well. We still talk to Atticus’s birth mom from time to time and sincerely love her and pray for her daily. We wouldn’t have a family if it weren’t for her. We will be the exact same way with the next birth family.

We’ve been married for nine years and are happier than ever, and Atticus is the center of our universe. Our home is very laid back and filled with laughter and unconditional love, but also very protected. We give our son great experiences and opportunities and always put him first. We want him to love life and confidently chase his dreams.
We are very active in church (non-denominational) and always will be. We also have a close family on both sides who are ready to spoil another kid just like they have Atticus. We’re big on morals, especially loving everyone and doing what is right even when it’s hard.
I’m so excited to give you a glimpse into who we are as a family and find the child who belongs with with us. Whether or not that’s your child, we’re praying for you. We wouldn’t be a family if not for the heroic act of a birth mom. We think you’re awesome, whether you choose us or not.

God bless,
Barbie, Darrick and Atticus

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Who We Are

We met at church. Barbie had gone there for years and worked in the youth and the drama ministry. Darrick became a Christian at 25 and knew he wanted a “good church girl”. He had his eyes on Barbie from the start because of her passion. She thought he had a great smile and was incredibly caring. A year later he proposed in front of the whole congregation (700 people!). Considering his shy disposition, she was shocked he did it in front of everyone.

We have chemistry and still have that “spark”. We’re best friends. We’ve been married for nine years and we never grow tired of each other. We never will. We love being at home with our son and having family time. Twice a month we’ll let a grandparent watch Atticus and we make time for each other. Atticus loves it too because Nonna and Pawpaw have a pool, dogs, and horses.

We are both physically active and healthy (Darrick is a certified personal trainer). We love good food, travel, friends, and family. God, our marriage, and our children will also come first. Not only are they priority, but we’re truly happy with those things alone.

We started our adoption journey after trying for biological children first, but we know Atticus was destined to be ours from the start. We’re thankful for the struggle that led us to him and his future siblings. We love him so much it hurts. There is absolutely no difference in the love we have for him and the love we would have had for a biological child. There is no void other than the fact that we want more than one child. We’re happy to embrace adoption. We always say that or children came from our hearts, not my womb.

Adoption Diary


With all the hate spreading throughout the nation right now, I want my family not to just stand for what we think is right, but to love others as ourselves. Darrick and I have our views on politics, but see things from all sides and pray to always have empathy. We will always embrace people who have different views and love everyone. If I were a birth mother, I think I’d want to know this. We are Christians, and because of that we love everyone and will always teach our children to be kind even when you disagree. My prayer for this nation is that it becomes less about politicians and more about sincerely trying to understand each other’s point of view instead of getting all emotional and sounding off on Facebook.


It’s hard waiting on a match when you love being a parent so much. But I look at Atticus and how far he’s come and I know it’s going to be worth it. The other night we were dancing to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. I’ve sang that song to him every single day of his life. When he hears it, he instantly stops crying. Atticus is a late walker and for the first time ever he was able to stand and dance with me to our song. Before, I’d always hold him. Even at 3, I’d stop everything and dance, while holding my 45 pound child. I never cared. But seeing him dance and sing our song meant so much to me. I thought about how crazy our journey has been. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’d do it all again. When our second child comes, it’ll be another beautiful story. I know joy comes in the morning, because I’ve been here before.

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Darrick and Barbie

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Darrick and Barbie