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Arlin and Amanda


Arlin and Amanda
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Dear Expectant Parent,

Ever since we were married we knew that we wanted to be parents. We wanted to get our careers and finances established before we started building our family. Now we both have jobs we love and a wonderful home. But after years of trying our plan wasn't working out. To add to the frustration we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. That's when we realized that we were meant to build our family through adoption! We adopted our daughter Alivia in February 2012 and our daughter Ava in April of 2014 and we are so happy! Now we would love to give them a sibling and expand our family. We are all very excited to add another member to our family!

We are so impressed with the strength and courage you have found within yourself to decide to make an adoption plan for your child. It means so much to us and we admire you for it. We wish you peace and contentment as you make this most difficult decision. Please know that you are and will always be a hero in our lives for making this life-changing decision.

We are committed to putting our children's needs first. We will love them unconditionally. We will provide them with a happy, stable home. We will support their individuality. We want them to have every opportunity available. We can't wait to introduce him or her to our large support network or friends and family.

We are completely open to any amount of contact that you feel comfortable with. We currently have open relationships with both our girls' birth families. Adoption is a beautiful thing and the situation surrounding it should be celebrated. You can contact us any time at: Amanda 614-270-9182 or Arlin 614-570-7579. Or if you prefer you can contact us through our adoption attorney at: Thomas N. Taneff 614-241-2181. We will do whatever we can to ensure you are comfortable with the decision if you choose to place your child with us.

With love and much respect,
Arlin and Amanda

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Our Marriage

We met at college in the spring of 2000 at OSU. We ended up being neighbors in an off-campus apartment. We were friends for a long time then we began dating when Amanda finished graduate school. Over the course of our friendship we found out that we had many things in common. We think this is why our relationship has such a firm foundation----17 years later we are still best friends!

We have been married now for 11 years. During this time we have learned to work together as a team. We share responsibilities and we always have a good time together. Our marriage, relationships and family are the most important things to us. We fell that if these things are solid everything else will fall into place.

We love to have fun together whether it's an adventure or just relaxing at home. We enjoy going on vacation with friends and family. We've been to Hawaii, St. Lucia, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. We also like going on weekend trips to Chicago and New York City. We take the girls to the beach each summer. We've been to Florida, North Carolina and Cozumel. This summer we are surprising them with a trip to Disney World! We love spending time with our friends and family just laughing and enjoying each others company!

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Using our creativity to turn boxes into castles!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Arlin and Amanda

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Arlin and Amanda