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Our Story

Our family and our home are so full of love! We want to share that with a child and just feel so ready to be parents. When we picture our future, there are always children in our dreams and plans. We cannot wait to share our love, traditions, and values with a child and help them learn and grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We want nothing more than for our children to grow up knowing unconditional love and support in a happy home!

We actually met online almost 6 years ago, and immediately hit it off. We met for coffee for our first date and talked for 5 hours until the coffee shop closed! We were married in 2014 and moved right into our first home. Over the years we have renovated our home, adopted 4 pets, and made lots of memories. We would describe our relationship as a true team and friendship. We have similar interests and enjoy many of the same activities. We truly are best friends, and our personalities balance each other out well. Important values in our relationship are honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. In the summer we enjoy boating, bonfires, and going to the beach. We enjoy fall activities such as hiking and visiting pumpkin farms, skiing in the winter, and taking bike rides in the spring.

As Christians, our faith is very important to us. It guides how we live our daily lives and the decisions that we make. We attend a great church weekly with a children’s ministry dedicated to helping children discover Jesus in a personal way. We look forward to the day we can take our child to church and Sunday school, which will help enhance what we teach them about God at home. Scott grew up attending a Catholic church and youth group, and attended until his family moved to a Protestant church in his early twenties. Ashley grew up in a Protestant church, attending Sunday school, youth group, and summer camps every year. Ashley loves music, and cannot wait to teach our child songs she learned about God while she was growing up that have stuck with her to this day. Both of us are committed to raising children to know and love God and to model for them what a life dedicated to God looks like. We will give our children opportunities to strengthen their faith, love and serve Christ and others, and hopefully give them a picture of God’s love through how we love them.

Family is very important to both of us, and we spend a lot of time with them! Both of our parents and much of our extended family live nearby making it easy to get together for birthdays, holidays, and just for fun. Ashley’s dad is a local business owner and her mom is an elementary school teacher. They also have a family blueberry farm. Scott’s father works in sales for a local home improvement contractor and his mom is an administrative assistant at their church. They are all excited for retirement, so they have more time to spend with their grandchildren!

Ashley is the middle child of her family, with an older sister who is a local middle school music teacher and director of the school musicals. Her younger brother is a woodworker and lives in New York City. Scott is the older brother to one sister who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband who is a chiropractor. His sister is a stay at home mom of two, our niece who is 5 and nephew who is 3. We both also have a large extended family, locally and out of town. We love to travel to see our family during holidays and in the summer.

Our Home

We live in a small town in Western New York, right next door to an ice cream shop! There are 3 playgrounds within walking distance from our house. We enjoy taking our dogs, Duke & Paisley, for walks through the neighborhood. We also have two cats, Olive & Remi. Our house has a large, fenced in backyard. We enjoy having family and friends over for picnics and bonfires. We have a room set aside and waiting to personalize for a child. Ashley collects children’s books and has a bookshelf full of books waiting to be read for bedtime stories.

About Ashley

adoptive family photo - Ashley Ashley is one of the most incredible and loving people I have ever met. She is very athletic and competitive. Ashley grew up playing sports – soccer, basketball, and track throughout high school – and then went on to play basketball in college. Ashley works as a middle school teacher, which is the perfect profession for her. She cares about each and every student and how he or she grows as a person. For fun, Ashley is really into fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is also a girls basketball and track coach. Compassionate, caring, dedicated, and faithful are just a few words to describe Ashley. Her qualities and experiences as a person, a teacher, and a coach have well-prepared her to be a parent. Ashley will be such an amazing mother, and will raise her children to demonstrate the same qualities she possesses. (written by Scott)

About Scott

adoptive family photo - Scott Scott is the type of guy that is just easy to be around. He makes you feel comfortable, can carry on a conversation with anyone, and has a laid back way about him that puts you at ease. At the same time, Scott is the most dedicated and driven person I have ever met. Scott excels at his work, and has the flexibility of being able to work from home. He is thoughtful and selfless, always doing little jobs and chores without being asked. Scott is a hockey player and golfer, and had the opportunity to compete on his golf team in college. He also loves to hunt, which he learned from his uncle and would like to pass on to our children. Scott is patient and caring with our niece and nephew, and will be a very active and hands-on father. He will stop at nothing to provide for and take care of our family, providing stability and the confidence that we can face anything that comes our way! (written by Ashley)

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