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The virus

We are still working as we are essential employees, but it’s been difficult not to see our family. So, tonight, Erin FaceTimed with our nephew Evan. We made funny faces and had a blast! It definitely brightened our mood. Read more »


Once a week, I (Erin) go to my parents house after work to spend time with my nephew and help out while they are babysitting. My nephew is currently more into superheros than sports, but yesterday my mom and I tried to teach him how to play football (as best we know how). After our amateur game of football ended, we played Read more »

Jurassic Live!

This weekend is all about dinosaurs for us.,We went to Jurassic Live in Philadelphia! It was a super fun show that was great for kids or adults. The special effects were awesome too! Tomorrow, we are going to a Dino themed bday party for our friends’ 3 year old Read more »

Valentine’s Day

We want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day! We hope that you can enjoy it with your special people or pamper yourself!! Since we are working today, Erin is cooking Andrew dinner this weekend (meatloaf, Brussel sprouts and a blueberry dessert). Blueberry is his absolute favorite:) Andrew got Erin a gift certificate for Read more »

Evan turned 4!

Today, we went to our nephew’s 4th bday party. It was at his karate class. Karate has been so good to help him learn how to follow direction. All of the kids got a lesson and then we sang happy birthday. We can’t believe he’s 4 already! It went by so quickly, but he is such a blessing in our lives :) Read more »

Studying has begun..

Every 5 years, Erin has to complete 75 continuing education credits to maintain her Registered Dietitian license. Typically, the activities are 1-2 credits so it takes awhile. This time, Erin has decided to tackle the CSR exam. It’s worth the FULL 75 credits so you know it’s hard!! The test isn’t for months, but the Read more »

Meal prep!

Every Sunday, we do meal prep for the week. This helps us to already have healthy food prepared so that we don’t just eat convenience foods. We’re not perfect, but we try to do our best! This meal has artichokes, olives, spinach and black beans. Read more »


We are waiting until we actually match with expectant parents to fully complete a nursery, but we do have some things set up. We have a crib, shelving for clothes and this rocking chair. We have some special touches in there like this blanket in the photo. This blanket was passed down in Erin’s family and is a special part Read more »

Markie Mark

A little more about our dog Markie.. We spotted him in the shelter while volunteering. He was 6 years old at the time and was anxious to get out of there. As soon as we decided to take him home and he got in our car he was much calmer! He’s now 9 years old and the happiest pup. Cuddling is his absolute favorite thing to do Read more »

Our girl Charlee

This picture is just too precious not to share. I, Erin, got Charlee before Andrew & I met, but Charlee was quick to bond with Andrew. He never lived with a cat before, so it took some time to get used to, but now it’s safe to say he is her favorite! Read more »

Our careers

We wanted to expand a bit about our careers. I, Erin, am a dietitian at a dialysis center. I worked at nursing homes for 7 years prior to this and have a soft spot for the elderly. I was always amazed by science and how things work in our bodies. Through this career, I’ve learned so much about that. My coworkers are amazing Read more »

Our anniversary

We are going to see Fiddler on the Roof in the city tonight for our anniversary! We hope you have a nice weekend:) Read more »


Two of Erin’s best friends are currently pregnant. While we are ecstatic for them, it has been really interesting to compare having biological children to trying to adopt. When trying to adopt, you just never know how long the wait will be so you get prepared and then wait. This is just a reality we are experiencing. In the Read more »

Halloween Party

We got to go to a good friends’ early Halloween party on Sunday! We brought our nephew and the kiddos had a blast. It definitely got us in the Halloween mood. Read more »

Fun day at work

Today, Erin made these parfaits for her patients. They include vanilla greek yogurt, honey and cinnamon granola and blueberries. They were a great treat and a nice socializing day in the lobby. This is definitely a treat to be made again! Read more »

Birthday Weekend

Good morning! Today is both of our birthdays, but we celebrated over the weekend. On Friday night, Erin went to a wood/painting workshop with Andrew’s sister. It was SO fun and a good way to get creative. We’ll put up pictures in our albums. Then, on Saturday, we went to a Phillies game with Andrew’s family. Read more »


Thankfully, being in PA, we are not in the way of Hurricane Florence, but if you are-keep safe! The 17th is both of our birthdays(YUP we have the same bday) so we will have pictures up next week to share our weekend with everyone! Read more »


This weekend started Rosh Hashanah. For those of you that aren’t aware, this holiday is the “Jewish New Year”. We typically just have a family dinner on the first night, which we did last night. Our cousins joined us from NJ (they are actually Catholic, but in our family it doesn’t matter). Family Read more »


This weekend we went to a festival at a near by farm. We were really impressed! They had food/drinks, a concert, an animal area, and tons of activities for kids. There was also a sports area, which Andrew especially enjoyed. You could throw a baseball and see how fast your pitch was. There were also lawn games like corn hole. Read more »

The Meg

This weekend, we started off by getting a new carpet for the TV room. That might not sound exciting, but we really like shopping for things for our home, even the simple things. Then, we went to see a movie called The Meg. It is about a HUGE shark! We ended up really enjoying it- it was super thrilling. Tomorrow, we are going Read more »

Cousin Weekend

We had the best cousin weekend! Erin’s cousins that live in VA (near DC) came up to visit. They come up here about 4 times per year and we love the bonding time. You will see in the pictures, there is Alan and Joanie- they have 2 children Penny (7) and Ari (3.5). The little kids love to run around and play with all the Read more »

Our weekend

On Saturday, we babysat for Erin’s nephew Evan. We did crafts with stickers and crayons, made our own pizza (yum), and watched the thunderstorm. The next day, we put together a new bookshelf as our book collection is growing! Then, went to Friday’s with Andrew’s co-workers. It was a really nice & busy Read more »

Family fun

Erin’s parents babysit for their grandson, Evan, 3-4 days/week. They have created such a beautiful bond. They do puzzles, matching games, build with blocks, play with instruments and this summer they even got an inflatable pool! Erin goes over 2x/week to help out and spend quality time with her nephew. Read more »

Our Weekend

This past weekend we went to a comedy show in Princeton. It was really nice to go out, especially since the weather was beautiful. The comedians were not the funniest, but we had a few laughs, which was good enough for us! Read more »

Rain rain go away!

Yesterday, we were all going for a walk when it started down pouring! We took shelter under a huge tree in our neighborhood for a few minutes. Luckily, we weren’t that far away from home. This is Markie snuggling afterwards <3 Read more »

NY Family

*Sorry if the picture comes out sideways on your screen* We hope your weekend was lovely.. Our family from NY came down to spend the day with us. We took a long walk and then went to a new restaurant in our area called Harvest. Everything was very fresh and delicious. Afterwards, we had froyo (Erin’s parent’s own Read more »


Hi- Erin here! I love to be creative, even if things don’t always go according to plan. I’m known to try to make family wreaths, scrap books, and even try cookie decorating. I found this new app called Canva- what better way to try it out than a compilation of pet pictures :) Enjoy! Read more »

Family Dinner

Last night, Erin cooked dinner for Andrew’s parents- it was his mom’s birthday. It is always a unique experience when Erin cooks for others, because she can’t taste everything due to some food allergies, but still likes to be creative! Thankfully, it turned out well due to studying shows on The Food Network! Read more »


So, we are definite fall people! We love picking pumpkins, everything about Halloween and planning family Thanksgiving. That being said, there was a break in the hot weather after some rain yesterday and we were able to take Markie on a long walk. He really enjoyed this as he got to socialize with all the other pups on the Read more »


In our family, grandparents are especially important! We respect their wisdom and they always have the best hugs. Every weekend we go to visit Erin’s grandfather- he’s almost 98! Over the years, we have learned so much from his experiences - invaluable lessons. Our parents are thrilled to be doing that for their Read more »


Tonight we went over to Erin’s brother’s house and had a blast with our nephew. He’s 2 years old and it’s so fun seeing life through his eyes! Read more »


We have started transitioning our guest room into a baby room to be prepared for a little one! We are especially proud of the “animal wall” as we have a deep love and respect for animals. What is something important to you to have in a nursery? Let us know! Read more »

A-Z Game

We are playing a fun game on our Facebook page if you’d like to check it out :) Our page is Erin & Andrew Hope to Adopt. Every couple of days we pick a topic that start with the letter of the day. Through this game, we think you will get to know us better and can even join in. Our last letter was “G” and Read more »

Support System

Have you ever heard the saying, “it takes a village”? As we were enjoying the past weekend at a friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday party, we realized something very important about our journey. We have a genuine support system. Our friends are those we’ve known for over half our lives and are Read more »

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