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Our Story

We met over 13 years ago shortly after Camber moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas following college graduation. We knew early on that we were soul mates and started to plan our future together. We have been happily married since 2007 and recently celebrated our 10th anniversary by renewing our vows. We are BEST friends in every sense of the word and enjoy spending time together, whether at the gym, watching movies, playing board games, checking out new restaurants, traveling, going to sporting events or concerts. We both feel we compliment each other perfectly from our sense of humor to our tastes in music. We are excited to start the next season of life by growing our family through adoption.

We feel blessed to come from families that are loving and supportive. We are both very close with our families and visit them often. Marcus’s family lives in our area while Camber’s lives about 4 hours away. Marcus has an extended family of one brother, one sister, and 4 nieces. Camber is an only child but is very close with her parents and talks with them almost every day. Our families are thrilled to share the journey of adoption with us and are excited to welcome your child into the family and shower them with love.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a 3 bedroom bungalow with a large fenced-in backyard where we love to cook out on the weekends and play fetch with our dogs. Our neighborhood is in a safe historic district and is central to great schools, child care, parks, music venues, museums and many other amenities.

About Marcus by Camber

adoptive family photo - Marcus by Camber Marcus is the most amazing man I have ever met and truly is an amazing husband. He has a passion for cooking and is a master on the grill. I always look forward to cooking out on the weekends and trying his new recipes. He also enjoys tinkering and home improvement projects, fitness, photography, playing golf, and watching sports (especially college football and basketball). Marcus is one of the most selfless people I have ever known; always putting the needs of others before his own. He is also kind, patient, creative, loving, loyal, intelligent, outgoing and has a great sense of humor. He loves me in a way that is indescribable and I know that he will bring all these qualities into being the best dad.

A few of My Favorite Things
Vacation: Mountains or the beach
Splurge: Tools
Holiday: Christmas
Food: Camber's Grandmother's enchiladas
Color: Orange

About Camber by Marcus

adoptive family photo - Camber by Marcus Camber is the most beautiful when she laughs. It’s contagious and I love that it makes her eyes smile. It gets me every time. She loves working with children and they are naturally drawn to her. She has a true talent for fashion, adores travel, dedicates herself to fitness, and holds a special place in her heart for animals. She accepts me for who I am and she shows so much resilience in the face of adversity. She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met and I look forward to the day she becomes a mother. She will be a wonderful mother and a fierce one at that. She is a perfect balance of expectation and empathy; leading equally with her head and heart. She also gives world-class hugs and kisses!

A Few of My Favorite Things
Vacation: Paris or the beach
Splurge: Starbucks
Holiday: Christmas
Food: Anything Marcus cooks on the grill
Color: Pink

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Marcus & Camber

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Marcus & Camber