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Our Story

We were introduced by a mutual friend in 2008. Soon after, Rob found himself desperately trying to keep up with Stacy on the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. We first realized we shared a love of the outdoors and then that we shared a love for each other! We were married in 2010 in Lake Placid, NY, surrounded by our friends and family and the Adirondack mountains that we had both enjoyed visiting as kids.
We have been together for nearly ten years and do almost everything together. We laugh together, support each other, and have very similar values. It is important to us to have a balance between work and life. We spend as much free time as we can outside. From hiking, camping or sailing in the summer to skiing in the winter, our happy place is the great outdoors. We feel incredibly lucky to live in California, and try to take advantage of its natural beauty whenever we can. We have also gone on some wonderful adventures together, occasionally in far-off countries that we dreamed of as kids. Most recently we enjoyed a spectacular 5-day backpack through the mountains in Italy.
Overall, we just love our life together, whether we are outside, spending time with our friends, watching a bad sci-fi movie at home (one of Rob’s favorite pastimes), cooking dinner or simply sitting in front of the fire together. We can’t wait to share these wonderful experiences with our child.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a cozy three-bedroom house in a family-friendly part of San Francisco. Rob has put a lot of effort into improving the house. His handiwork has resulted in a new kitchen, a deck and fence, and he is currently finishing up a rec room, which we hope to turn into a playroom. We have a bedroom ready for our child with lots of natural light which overlooks our backyard. Our house has a little bit of humor and whimsy in every room, from little sets of Lego, to the cute paper flower arrangements that Stacy makes, to the alien garden gnomes we have in our yard.
We love that our house is close to three major parks, which we walk to frequently. There is a nursery school across the street and an elementary school around the corner. San Francisco has the diversity and culture of a big city, but is small enough to have a neighborhood feel. And we are only a short drive to the beaches and mountains of beautiful Northern California.

About Rob (by Stacy)

adoptive family photo - Rob (by Stacy) Rob is my best friend. People are naturally drawn to him—he is intelligent, outgoing, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. He truly cares about those around him and strives to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. 

Rob grew up in a close-knit family in Toronto, Canada, with a younger brother and sister. His family was always active and camping, canoeing, hiking and skiing trips in both the Canadian wilderness and the Adirondacks in NY bonded the whole family. In 1999 he moved to the U.S. and became a proud U.S. citizen in 2008. 

One of my favorite things about Rob is his curiosity about everything. He is always exploring something new, be it welding, engine rebuilds, clocks, electronics, old-school navigation, meditation, Lego, proper painting techniques—you name it. 

It’s not surprising that Rob chose engineering as a career. He earned his graduate degree in the field, and has been part of several high-tech startups over the last 18 years. Currently he’s working in his dream industry, a space startup in San Francisco that builds satellites. It’s very cool!

Rob is great with kids and will be a terrific father. Kids are drawn to Rob because of his child-like curiosity. And he is a natural teacher. No matter how complicated the topic, he can explain things in a way kids (and adults!) can understand. When we are with our family or friends’ kids, you can bet Rob will be right there playing with them (he can teach a mean cannonball)!

About Stacy (by Rob)

adoptive family photo - Stacy (by Rob) Stacy is the love of my life. Stacy has a quiet, but strong and competitive personality. She is loving, creative, loyal and straightforward. She can keep the big picture in view even when life goes sideways. She doesn’t spend time dwelling on things she can’t fix.

Stacy grew up in a small town in New Jersey with her parents and younger brother. Their family was always close, and with extended family nearby, they would often get together for boisterous family dinners. Her parents are both active people, and there were many family trips skiing in the winters and water sports and hiking in the summers.

Sports have always been a passion for Stacy. She was active in gymnastics when she was young, and then switched to tennis. She played tennis in college, and still plays today. Stacy loves art and has a great talent for landscape photography, which fits in nicely with our outdoor lifestyle.

Stacy worked hard to build a graphics design career in advertising, earning a graduate degree in the process. She works at a small agency in San Francisco where the employees are like family.

Stacy’s eyes light up when she gets to play with the kids in our life—whether that be games and puzzles, poking at dirt, or going kayaking. She is great at losing at hide and seek and she really does know the best way to make s’mores over a campfire. Stacy will be a wonderful mother and I can’t wait to be part of that journey with her.

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Stacy & Rob

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