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My Story

I was blessed with the most wonderful parents in the world. I do not have any siblings so my parents and I are very close. My parents have supported me in all my endeavors, from playing sports in high school, to my cross country scholarship to college, and then to my graduation from The University of Alabama. I look forward to providing a child with all the support that my parents provided me with. I own my home and my parents actually live with me. While I'm not married and starting a family in the traditional sense I long to be a mother and provide a child with the same love I was blessed with. I work from home so I have a flexible schedule and lots of time to spend with a little one. I love to travel and Disney World is one of my favorite places to go! My family and friends are so supportive and they are right along with me on this journey. I think adoption is beautiful and such a blessing and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

My Home

I built my home about two years ago. I built it with my hope to adopt in mind. It was designed with two master suites since I have live in grandparents. Aside from two master suites it has another bedroom and bathroom that will be perfect for a nursery.

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