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To Someone Special,

Thank you for reading my story. I really appreciate your time and I hope that that through my writing you’re able to get to know me better and feel some kind of genuine connection to me.
I hope my words have given you a glimpse into my heart. For me, it feels miraculous to be given this opportunity to care for a child. I’ve always loved children and since I’ve been an adult I’ve wanted to raise a child and help him/her to grow, provide for them, help them to experience the world in their own way. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me and I promise to give my best for your child. I hope that we can develop a unique connection and if you are interested in doing that, I will always be open to you and would love to share your child’s growth with you as much as possible.

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Who I Am

My name is Kyoko. I am a single Japanese female, who came to the US about 20 years ago. I work as a graphic designer and I love creating visually fun and practical work that is helpful in advertising a product or service. I enjoy being around people and I really enjoy talking and playing with children. I have a passion for the arts and enjoy dance, music and nature!

I was born and raised in Japan. After finishing college in Japan I came to the US to study graphic design. I was about 25 years old and I began working professionally as a graphic designer.

Because of my love of dance I enjoy spending my free time dancing salsa and hula and currently I really enjoy Zumba. After work I am usually taking a Zumba class, however I have also found much joy in Hawaiian hula dancing as well as Salsa and have even performed as part of a show. Dancing makes me so happy and relaxed. It provides an opportunity to express myself in different ways and allows me to interact with people from different cultures. I like going to the gym after work as well to boost and refresh myself after a day at the office.

Another extension of my artistic expression is photography. I am curious about people, as well as nature and the different events happening in the community. I love to capture these images. I also enjoy gardening as well. Each year I look forward to planting vegetables and flowers. I have a fairly large garden in my backyard that I tend to often. Planting gives me a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment. It’s very interesting to observe how each plant grows during different seasons, and it is wonderful to watch the colors changing. I find it
interesting to help them to grow - changing water times, soil types, fertilizers, and then to see the harvest of my labor.

Like most people, I love both eating out and cooking! Currently the community where I live provides me with a lot of opportunity to try food from different regions and I also enjoy trying to cook them myself. It’s fun to learn things about various cultures through their food.

Since moving to California, I’ve developed a love of hiking trails and walking throughout my neighborhood. I enjoy the sounds of the wind and scenery I and find walking fun and relaxing. It’s very rewarding to reach the peak when climbing a mountain or to set a specific goal and reach it as part of the enjoyment of hiking. I have found that I enjoy hiking alone as well as with my friends.

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