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Andrew & Katie
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We hope to have an open adoption and to give a child a loving, stable, and secure home with a stay-at-home mom.

We are Andrew and Katie and we are hoping to become first time parents through an open adoption. We live about 30 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin on just under 13 acres of land with our wonderful Golden Retriever, Rose. We are a loving Christian couple with a supportive community of friends and family, all of whom are excited for us to bring a child into our home. We plan to give the child we adopt a fun, loving, secure, and stable home. Katie will be a stay-at-home Mom and we hope to spend a lot of quality time together as a family. We also hope that we can have an open relationship with the parents of the children whom we adopt. Feel free to look around or to check out our facebook page (www.facebook.com/hopingtoadoptAndrewAndKatie) and contact us if you have any questions or even simply want to chat about adoption. Thank you!

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Who We Are

We met in February 2013 on ChristianMingle. Haha. Neither of us ever thought we'd do the online dating thing, but we are glad that we did! We had our wedding that following year, in January of 2014. In spring of 2015 we moved from the Milwaukee area to Green Bay area and bought a house.

We really enjoy being married to each other and getting to 'do life' together. We communicate very well and talk a lot every day about how our days went and whatever else is going on in life. We enjoy spending time together as well as doing some hobbies or activities separately. Andrew enjoys riding and racing his bicycle, and we enjoy riding together as well. We hope to someday go on family bike rides with children, and have a small bike collection started from hand-me-downs from Katie's brother and sister-in-law.

We have good relationships with our families and enjoy spending time with them as well. Andrew's parents live in northern Minnesota, about 35 miles south of Duluth. Andrew has one brother who is married with 2 boys, 1 and 5 years old. They live in western Minnesota. Katie's parents live about 40 miles outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has 1 sister, who lives not far from her parents, and 1 brother. Her brother is married and he and his wife have 2 boys, who are 8 and 10 years old.
Our families are very excited for us to adopt!!

Adoption Diary

Family Picnic / Father’s Day Weekend

We drove down to Katie’s parents’ house for the weekend. We had a family picnic with Katie’s extended family on her Mom’s side on Saturday. We grilled out and had a lot of good conversations. We had some yard games set up, but didn’t play too much until after most people had left. Then Katie, her parents, her sister, and sister’s boyfriend played some badminton and ladder golf. Andrew wanted to play badminton, too, but his shoulder isn’t in shape for that yet, since he had separated it a couple of weeks ago. He did watch and take some pictures for us though. :-)  Then we played some dice and card games in the evening.
For Father’s Day today, we were hung out and at some pie. It was a fun weekend. :-)

Busy - Fun Week

It has been a very busy, but good, week for me (Katie). I worked hard Monday through Wednesday to get work and other things done so that I could go to a water park with my sister and her boyfriend on Thursday. We went to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells and had a great time. Neither Andrew nor I are fans of roller coasters, which they have there, but we enjoy water rides! (I generally prefer Noah’s Ark, but Mt. Olympus is pretty fun, too, especially since my sister had free tickets!) I have enjoyed swimming and playing in water for as long as I can remember. I was on swim team for a couple of years in high school, and was certified as a lifeguard for a while in and after college since the camp I worked at had me taking youth out on houseboats on the Mississippi River. They wanted to have as many of the counselors Lifeguard trained as possible, just in case. Luckily we never had to use our skills in real life.

Andrew has not been able to do as much as he normally does since he separated his shoulder a couple of weeks ago. It is much better than it was right after the injury happened, but it seems to still have a ways to go yet. He wasn’t sure about getting off of work so last minute for Mt. Olympus, and then when he hurt his shoulder it was a certain it was a bad idea for him to go.

Today, Andrew, Rose (our dog), and I headed to my parents’ place for the weekend. It is about a 2 hour drive south of where we live; about 40 miles outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are looking forward to having a family picnic with my Mom’s side of the family tomorrow, and we will celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday before heading back home. I am hoping the weather cooperates so we can be outside and play some yard games!

We hope to someday bring kids to water parks and play yard games, etc. with them at family picnics! If you or someone you know is considering adoption and are interested in any more information about us, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have. :-)
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Andrew & Katie

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Andrew & Katie