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First Time of the Chair Lift!!

Effie’s first time on the chair lift was last weekend.  So proud at how brave she was.  And then she promptly torpedoed down the hill:)  Heading out again this weekend.  Hope all is well and looking forward to a wonderful 2021. Read more »

New Year!

Everyday I am thankful for each other, our health, food and home.  We had a wonderful holiday.  Many, many movies nights on the sofa, fires in the fireplace, playing with toys and of course, puppy snuggles!  Wishing you all the best in 2021! Read more »

Getting the Holidays Started

Went out to visit friends in a town called Leavenworth (to be sure, we all isolated and then i went and got tested prior).  Leavenworth is a beautiful “European Village” in WA.  The town was created with the theme and feel of a swiss mountain village.  Hope the lights and season is brightening up Read more »


Alright, i know that i should be talking about kids etc, but if you’re one of the expectant mothers to be who is following us, get ready to deal with a couple weeks of puppy pictures!!  Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  -JP , VC, & Effie Read more »

Ladybug Swarm!!!

Yesterday our home was covered in 100+ ladybugs.  It was awesome.  As we stood outside they landed on us and walked all over our home.  It was a slice of beauty in a really tough week.  Effie is positive that her offerings to the fairies had an impact.  I agree. Read more »

So we finally got a swing set

Well, since we can’t go to parks and the school year is starting up, I luckily was able to get an older swing set off Craigslist.  Some of the logs need to be replaced, but I’m really happy to be able to provide this for my daughter.  Hopefully she’ll be able to share it with a younger sister or Read more »


So proud of her willingness to talk about hard issues as she tries to understand the injustices in the world.  For the past several months her job choice has been, “to help people”. Read more »


Not gonna lie, as a teacher, being able to spend time at home and focusing on my daughter’s education has been a blast.  We were excavating for dinosaur bones.  Man, that took a looooong time.  Hope you all are hanging in there! Read more »

Palm Springs

What a great break.  We did our own version of Ski to Sea.  3 Days of skiing in the mountains followed by 5 days of lounging by the pool in Pal Springs.  The kid really knows how to vacation:) Read more »


The Holidays were wonderful, full of love and A LOT of Mario Kart:)  Happy New Year to everyone out there!! Read more »


Just got back from a long weekend vacation in Hawaii to celebrate our friend’s 40th birthday (it was my first time there).  Absolutely beautiful.  Saw this handsome fella on the beach each afternoon.  Already planning out next trip with Effie ;) Read more »

Pumpkin Carving

You know what I learned this year?  Pumpkin carving kits have come a long way since I was a kid when mom just busted out a 11” blade and we went a hackin’. Happy Halloween Y’all!!! Read more »

Dr. Effie

VC had a wisdom tooth out.  Luckily she was in the capable hands of the best Dr. in town:) Read more »

It was a snuggly weekend

Spent some time talking about being a “big sister” this weekend.  She has already started planning which stuffies to pass on.  Too cute. Read more »


As the weather in Seattle turns to fall, it’s nice to remember how warm we were in the summer:)  We hope everyone out there is doing well. Read more »

Effie’s 5th B-Day

We had a blast at a unicorn themed pool party.  Happy 5th b-day kiddo!!!  You are going to make an outstanding big sister some day. Read more »

Questival Silliness

This weekend the adults ditched the kids and did a 24 Questival Scavenger hunt race around Seattle.  Came in 71/197 teams.  Not too shabby:)  Next year, breaking the top 10!! Read more »

Salt Lake City

Had a family reunion with as my wife refers to her family, “The Bolivian Posse”, in Salt Lake City.  Went for a hike with the youngest cousins, celebrated birthdays, graduations and just being healthy, happy and together. Read more »

Got a new ride this weekend!!

Woohoo.  This thing is super fun and now we are more mobile than ever.  Now all we have to do is get the training wheels off the bike.  Summer plan!  Hope everyone out there is well and loved. Read more »

Throwback Thursday

I was a child model for a bit when I was a kid.  Now that you have seen this, we shall never speak of it again.  Happy Thursday! Read more »


We rented a place with our friends out on the Sound and went to the Hama Hama Oyster Rama!!  It was our second year and is definitely gonna be an annual tradition.  Digging for clams and oysters, music, art, dancing, oh and did I mention oysters!! Effie also had her first sleepover. Next year, going to try and get Read more »


VC surprised us with a vacation to Palm Springs!!!  Yay!!  Warm weather, heated pool, and a king size bed for extra cuddles.  Swim, nap, eat, repeat!!! Read more »


School was canceled the other day so we marched off to a local park and did some “hard core” sledding.  Looks like more snow this weekend too!! Read more »

You’re making me look bad, kid:)

What a weekend!  THREE birthday parties.  So much pizza and cake, I am definitely not swimsuit ready. Although it may not look like it, roller skating was awesome!! I fulfilled a lifelong goal of roller skating to Mr. Roboto. Read more »

WOW!!  What a holiday!!

So much fun, laughter and love.  What a fantastic holiday.  Santa was on point this year, as always:), we introduced E to STAR WARS (Leia is her favorite character), went ice skating, to the dinosaur museum, ate, ate and ate some more.  We wish you all out there nothing but the best in 2019!!! Read more »


Had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Jersey with my family.  Effie had a blast making her own sundae and then running around like a sugared up mad woman.  Ahhhh…the Holidays:) Read more »

Grandma’s (Babcia) Visit

had an awesome long weekend with Babcia visiting from New Jersey!  I can’t stop smiling watching these two hang out.  I’ve never seen my mom so in love with another human.  (well, except for me:) Read more »

Date Night

Hey All, We got in the odd date night with some friends.  Just wanted to say, “Hey”, let you all know we are doing well and hope you are too. Read more »

First Theater Experience

We had an awesome “staycation” this weekend.  Went to the theater for the first time to see the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” (spoiler, it turns into a butterfly).  Then stayed in a hotel downtown with a POOL!!  We stayed up too late and had a blast!  Hope everyone out there is doing Read more »

No Fear!!

Went to a birthday party and Effie destroyed the obstacle course.  Face plant after face plant, she just did not give up until she made it.  I was super proud. Also, we just want we just want to re-invite expectant mothers to feel free to call or email us if you have ANY questions or would like to get to know us Read more »

The little things in life…

The only thing more gratifying than running your hand through a display of shoe laces is running your face through them. Bad colds this week for all of us (and a case of double pink eye for me…so…gross).  But we still managed to get out and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life. Read more »

Family Cabin Week

We rented a cabin for the week and family visited from all over.  It was great to see the cousins play.  We had a blast swimming, playing games late at night, BBQs and s’mores! Read more »

First Roller Coaster Ride

Just came back from a week long trip to Delaware to visit grandpa.  Went to the Ocean City boardwalk.  Went on rides and won some prizes.  To quote Effie, “This is the greatest place in the world for stuffies!”  I couldn’t agree more. Read more »

What a weekend!

Abito (Effie’s Abuelo) came for a visit.  We marched in the Solstice parade with Effie’s school and celebrated her 4th birthday at the climbing gym. Read more »

Nice to meet you

After months of work, our home study is complete and our adoptimist website is up! Thanks for taking a minute to read our post, we look forward to hearing from you. Read more »

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