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Our Story

We met online, and we hope to find our adoption match online! We married 3 months after we met, and moved from San Francisco to Oregon so Jocelyn could finish her medical residency. Portland offers the diversity of a big city, with the safety and family atmosphere of a small town. We are close to hiking, skiing, and playing on the beach.
After 3 years, our daughter Abigail was born! Jocelyn began working part-time as a doctor, and she and Abigail enjoy mommy days full of dressing up in fancy clothes and grandma's old cheap jewelry and dancing in the hallway complete with home-made disco lights. Adam also enjoys daddy-daughter-dates to the hardware store or the movies, and building their dreams in the basement workshop. I'm not sure if daddy or Abigail has a bigger imagination!
Now, Abigail is 3 years old, and loves princess stories, Disneyland, and snakes (definitely Adam's influence). She is our greatest blessing, and her joy and imagination fill our hearts every day. She has already helped build the crib and fill it with toys and gifts for her baby brother or sister. Our hearts and home are ready for a new baby, and we promise your child will have unconditional love, acceptance and opportunity. We look forward with great anticipation to growing our family through adoption!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home The Portlandia show is totally true! Portland is a beautiful bubble of all races and blends of families. Our neighborhood and church are full of children, including several adoptive families.
Our neighborhood is very safe, with good schools and walking distance to library, parks, and church. We can also walk to Ruby Jewel ice cream (so yummy!), burgers, sushi, bubble tea, and the best taqueria in Portland (yay for tacos). We live in a cozy yellow house, with a big backyard full of toys, a splash pool and a castle with a slide. Abigail likes to play princess and dragon from the top, and Daddy is the monster attacking the castle! We also have 2 beehives which Abigail lovingly watches over to guard from yellow jackets and other invaders.
Our baby room is bright yellow with a soft blue ceiling that looks like the sky. Adam hand-made a traditional wooden crib, lovingly finishing every tiny piece to make it beautiful and safe for our baby. Grandma sewed curtains and blankets with blue and pink owls, ready to welcome our little boy or girl home any day.

About Jocelyn

adoptive family photo - Jocelyn Jocelyn is the Energizer Bunny! She is spunky and bold, often sporting pink, purple, or even blue hair (as a doctor)! She is energetic and passionate about her family and career. She loves being a doctor, and is grateful to work part-time and really be present for her daughter and future baby. Jocelyn believes that the world needs strong women, and she is not afraid to speak up for herself and raise strong kids.

About Adam

adoptive family photo - Adam Adam is just a big kid at heart! He is easy-going and perpetually silly. He loves flying model airplanes, using power tools, and believes you can never have too many flashlights. He taught Abigail her first word--BACON! Adam has a strong faith and trusts God in all things. He is strong, patient, and kind. He has a natural love for children and can't wait to adopt our special little baby.

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Jocelyn & Adam

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Jocelyn & Adam