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Ryan and Christy
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Ryan owns a bicycle shop and designs house plans as well. He rides his bike whenever he can, and reads a lot of books. Christy has a degree in Illustration and gets to do fun things like drawing and designing t-shirts and bike jersey's, plus a variety of projects for other people. But mostly she keeps the family going, tries way too many new recipes out on her family, works on DIY projects, and squeezes in some bike rides and friend get-togethers whenever possible.

Our oldest, Ava, is very social and enjoys playing with friends and going to school. She is very bright and creative, loves to write and illustrate stories, set up lemonade stands, make up games and dances, and learn about science. Ruby (4) is a sweet and happy pre-schooler that is a ray of sunshine in our family. She loves hugs, singing and twirling, princesses, anything pink, and all things girly!

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Who We Are

Hi! We are Ryan and Christy! We met when Christy's sister set us up on a blind date. Unbelievable, right? A blind date that worked out! We now have 2 daughters, Ava and Ruby, and are hopeful to grow our family through adoption! Ryan is the oldest of 7 kids and his youngest sister was adopted (and being the youngest is awesome because the youngest always gets spoiled, right?!) Adoption has always been part of his plan and I (Christy) was totally on board when he shared that hope! When his dad started a charity foundation building orphanages in Haiti and Mexico, Ryan got to design the building and travel to Haiti to offer manual labor help as well. I was also able to help in Haiti, and it was a life-changing experience.

Hobbies and Interests:

Christy loves trying new foods and recipes, doing DIY projects and remodels, drawing and painting, road biking and mountain biking, hiking, exploring new places, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her family. Ryan's passions include biking, more biking, hiking, entrepreneurship, and spending time with his family, particularly in the outdoors. Utah is a great place to live because the outdoor activities are so accessible! Literally across the street from our house right now.

About our kids! Ava (8) is very social and enjoys playing with friends and going to school. She is very bright and creative, loves to write and illustrate stories, make up games and dances, and learn about science and her favorite color is blue. Ruby is a sweet and happy pre-schooler that is a ray of sunshine in our family. She loves hugs and kisses, anything pink, princesses, ballet, dolls, etc.


Ryan worked for years as a draftsman (drawing house plans) and continues to do that as a side job from time to time. Currently his main occupation is as owner of a bike store, but doing some 3-D commercial construction modeling work as well. Christy helps out a little at the bike shop, creating window displays, designing cycling jerseys, and other various design projects. She does occasional freelance work as well, but mostly focuses on caring for the kids and home.


After several years of struggling with fertility (and being told we would have to do IVF), we became pregnant naturally, and had 3 children biologically. Ava, Ezra, and Ruby. We knew we wanted to adopt anyway, so after some pregnancy complications, we decided that we were done biologically. Then tragedy struck. Our son Ezra passed away at age four, in a terrible accident. We miss him tremendously, yet we have been blessed to find great peace despite this tragedy. We continue to celebrate him and hold on to happy memories with him. We always bring a white balloon to represent and include him when we take family pictures. We still wanted to adopt, so when the time felt right, we started the adoption process to continue to grow our family, as we have always wanted to do. This journey has taken longer than we had hoped, but our hearts still long to grow our family this way, and we hold onto that hope.

Goals and dreams and values:

Our goal is to raise children who are happy, healthy (emotionally and physically), kind, confident, hard working contributors to society. We hope to help make the world a better place individually and as a family. We do our best to teach our children Christian values like love, service, unselfishness, acceptance, and patience. We are doing our best to build and maintain relationships of love and open communication, that we hope will last forever.

Extended Family:

Both of us have tight-knit family relationships and we have regular Sunday dinners and other outings with our families. Ryan has a sister who was adopted from China when she was 2 (she is now 21 and is amazing!), and a cousin who was adopted from Haiti when she was 2 (she is 13 and we have loved seeing her grow!.) Every year we do a family reunion with Ryan's family, which has helped keep all the cousins close. And since Ryan's family is local, Grandma and Grandpa often take our kids out on special activities or dates.

Christy's family is more spread out across the country, so family reunions aren't quite as regular, but they do still happen! Since Christy's Mom's only sister married her Dad's only brother (two sisters married two brothers, to put it simply), the extended family is small and close knit.

We welcome any level of openness, and any race to our family.

We are willing to share a lot more but don't want to overwhelm you, so feel free to ask us anything!

Adoption Diary

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ryan and Christy

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Ryan and Christy