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Kristin & Kathy
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Loving, adventurous couple from Virginia looking for a baby boy to begin our greatest adventure! Call/text/message us!

We can not wait to begin this journey with you and thank you for taking the time to try and learn a little bit about us in this process. We can only imagine your thoughts and feelings in this, but we do know how courageous and how much strength you have in considering adoption.

We cannot wait to give our love to a sweet baby! This will be our first and we are over the moon excited!

Please feel free to ask whatever questions you have. We cannot wait to learn more about you and what your wants and needs are for your child. We would like to have an open adoption with you because we know how important it is for the child to know where they came from and also for you as mother/birth parents to know how your child is growing.

We hope that whatever led you to this decision, will lead you to choosing us as adoptive parents so we can work and grow through this journey together. Thank you again for taking the time to consider us!

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Who We Are

Our journey is just beginning, as we sit and write this with many emotions like joy, excitement and even a bit of nervousness! We are excited for where this road is going to take us and nervous because we will be first time parents. We can't wait to open our home to children and love them unconditionally.

We are Kristin and Kathy, from Virginia, where Virginia is for lovers :) We met about 10 years ago through mutual friends and after a couple of years... and break ups later, we began dating in late 2011. We married in April 2015 at one of our favorite places to be...the beach! We love being outdoors for camping, fishing, gardening or just playing around with our dogs (Cookie and Jax). We love our fur babies and spoil them rotten! Cookie is a nine year old pit mix and Jax is a one and half year old boxer mix. We love to travel, we love music and going to concerts, and we love spending time with family and friends.
We have both known since the beginning of our friendship that we both wanted children whether the child was biologically ours or through adoption.
We began our adoption process January of this year and have put our heart and soul into this. We can't wait to experience this with you and to watch your child grow and become an amazing human being!

We look forward to meeting and growing with you through this process! If you have any questions at all for us please email, message, text or call us!!! We cant wait to meet you!

Adoption Diary

“And we wait…” this poem is not written by us but feel it speaks volumes

When I tell people we’re adopting, the reactions are varied.

Some people comment,
“that’s great!” and behind
the smile in their eyes
I see them wonder…

Is it I or my husband
who’s the weak link
in the fertility chain

And we wait…

Some people comment,
“how wonderful –
I’ve heard of people getting pregnant
when they adopt.”

They don’t realize for us
adopting is not a fertility treatment,
but a choice we’ve made.

And we wait…

Some people ask about the process,
“how do you decide?”
They don’t know about ticking the boxes –
boy – tick, girl- tick, siblings – tick,
blind – tick, deaf – tick,
ethnicities, religions, diseases,
exposure to alcohol and drugs,
the list goes on and on…

And we wait…

They don’t know that
in many cases
we don’t decide at all
a pregnant mother picks us
from a stack of families,
piled up high with images of imagined homes –
These people have cats,
They like to camp, they’re fun.

And we wait…

Some people ask,
“does it take a long time?”

They don’t realize we have to
put boxes around the places
in our hearts reserved
for families under construction,
for children in a forever home

And we wait…

They don’t know about
thinking about the future
without really thinking
about the future
so hopes stay floating
and the edges of the picture
in your head stay fuzzy
because it hurts less that way.

And we wait…

They don’t know that
information and approvals
come in fits and starts, hot then cold, and
a month will go by where
we live our lives as usual
wondering when usual will change.

And we wait…

We wait for a match,
for all the ticky boxes to align
for transitions and attachment,
for time alone together,
for a family,
And we wait…

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kristin & Kathy

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Kristin & Kathy