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In many ways, we are pretty well-matched. Not that this was something that we realized right away. In fact, our first date was probably one of the worst either of us had been on: a blind group date where we hardly talked, Seth felt self-conscious, and Kim may have gotten a little too competitive playing Catch Phrase. Fortunately for us, months later, we tried again and, apparently, playing Lego Pictionary—Kim’s invention—did the trick. We are big believers in second chances!

We both like being active, enjoying hikes, walks, bike rides, and the occasional yoga class—even though Seth is far more flexible and it can really bug Kim. We love to find new and fun places and opportunities to learn, like museums, concerts, the Tracy Aviary, and community activities. We love to cultivate a bit of nature in our own yard, and gardening gives us some opportunity to do that, plus we get lots of plants and produce to eat and share. This year Kim even experimented with organic pest control for indoor seedlings by building a “Ladybug Containment Area,” but we probably wouldn’t recommend that because, as it turns out, ladybugs are escape artists who do not like being contained. We are pretty nerdy (Kim especially) and both have a healthy love for sci-fi and fantasy: making Star Wars t-shirts, re-enjoying LOTR or Narnia for the umpteenth time, or dressing up for a Harry Potter release or going to the Wizarding World at Universal (Kim's siblings and parents are particularly passionate fans).

Most importantly, we share the same core beliefs and goals. We love to serve in our neighborhood and with our church. We believe that our purpose is to love and serve others, hopefully leaving the world a better place. We want to be able to do good in our families and communities. We believe in the importance of education and want to make lifelong learning part of our family life. We believe that we need to treasure this beautiful world. We want to embrace opportunities to enjoy and care for the natural wonders that surround us. We believe in loving Heavenly Parents who inspire us to be better and kinder every day. We believe that God’s plan for us includes growing our family and are willing to work hard to help that happen.

Our Home

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About Seth (According to Kim)

adoptive family photo - Seth (According to Kim) One of the things I admire most about Seth is that he is just a truly GOOD man. I haven't met many people who are as selfless, patient, supportive and loving as he is. His willingness to serve others and put aside his own needs has blessed my life and the lives of others, but it gives me a glimpse into the kind of father he will become.

Much of Seth’s goodness springs from his ability to love:to love his family, to love others, and to love God. His ability to see a need and fill inspires me every day. He will be a wonderful father.

He willingly spends hours helping Scouts prepare for a campout, checking and often double-checking that everyone has what they need. Seth’s youngest brother is a happy, social, and sometimes stubborn young man with a passion for dancing—who also happens to have Down Syndrome. Growing up with him gave Seth a unique degree of love and patience, even with those who are being deliberately difficult. But, mostly, Seth loves to do things that his brother will enjoy. It is wonderful—and hilarious—to watch Seth abandon any self-consciousness and dance his heart out while the two of them play Just Dance on the Wii.

Family is Seth's top priority. He was raised in Utah—the fifth of seven brothers—by loving, dedicated parents. Their influence fueled his desire to become a father and shaped many of his best traits: faith, kindness, consideration, hard work, and fun. He loves to be active. Growing up among so many brothers, there was an ample supply of teammates—or opponents—for a game of basketball or tennis. His father took them camping and backpacking, cultivating a deep love for the outdoors and the diverse beauty of God's creations. These are things that he loves, and I know these are experiences he wants to share with our future children.

He has always been curious, inventive, and creative, with a love for drawing, painting, and building. In fact, he built our first kitchen table, his own unique design. These talents drew him to studies and then a profession as a designer, where he currently works to build great user experiences for apps or on the web. He loves art, enjoys museums and exhibits (warning: once you let him in one, it is hard to get him out!), and wishes he had more time to paint. He has an eye for seeing the good and the beautiful all around him and a strong desire to contribute good things to the world.

Seth is an incredibly hard worker and finds fulfillment in a job well done. He loves to spend long hours working in the yard or helping a neighbor. He isn't afraid to take on a challenge, whether it is a complicated home maintenance task, leading a Scout campout, or balancing full-time work and school. His patience, diligence, and ingenuity make challenging projects or problems a little less daunting—or at least more interesting! It is always a comfort to know Seth is on my team.

About Kim (According to Seth)

adoptive family photo - Kim (According to Seth) Kimberly is a Renaissance Woman: extremely knowledgeable and talented in many different subjects. She has a profound love of learning. Couple that love of learning with her fantastic imagination, and it is easy to see why children love being with her.

From what I've heard from her family and friends, Kimberly has always had an strong imagination and a passion for learning. She has a particular gift for sparking the imagination of children and creating a haven where they are comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, creativity, and dreams. When playing with kids, she draws upon her depth of knowledge to teach them about the things that they are interested in, whether it be animals, dinosaurs, literature, science, art, technology, or music. You name it! I’ve watched her read countless books to nieces and nephews, found her with my cousins’ kids playing house—she was the granny—and turned around to see her in serious conversation with a little boy at church about his new interest in nocturnal jungle animals.

Kimberly has a big heart that extends beyond her love of children and family. She deeply cares about people and wants them to succeed. Two years after we were married, Kimberly and I had saved our pennies to go on a short, three-day vacation to San Francisco. I often joke with her that our second biggest expense during the trip was the donations that she made to homeless people—we even somehow ended up donating to the Red Cross! However, the joke isn’t far from the truth. Even early on in our marriage when finances were tight, Kimberly was very generous with what we had. Despite all she does to help others, Kimberly often expresses to me how she wishes she could do more. Kimberly finds great joy in giving, especially when the gift helps someone step closer to reaching their full potential.

Kimberly is a hard worker, and I know I am not biased in saying so because all of my neighbors tell me the same. Not afraid of a tough job, Kimberly puts all of herself into the task at hand—whether it be gardening, home improvement projects (like most recently staining our fence, porch, and deck), planning and preparing for an activity, her job, or helping family, friends, and neighbors. Kimberly is extremely organized, and is great at planning and preparing for the future. Her organization and preparation help establish structure and stability in our home. She works hard to make our home a haven where others feel safe and comfortable and where fun, growth and development can flourish.

Kimberly has always looked forward to growing our family and nurturing our future children. She is determined to be the best mom that she can be. Kimberly has prepared herself by serving others, reading many books on parenting and human development, spending years working in our congregation's children's organization, serving as a Cub Scout den mother, and playing with and caring for nieces, nephews, and neighbor children. She is going to be a wonderful mom!

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