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Aubrey & Kelly
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We would love to hear from you! Our warm, loving and stable home is awaiting the addition of a precious child.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We understand you are in the process of making a very difficult decision so please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get to know us better. When we first began talking about starting a family we knew that adoption was a path we wanted to explore. We have been on this journey for over three years and are hoping every single day that we will find our match and our biggest dream of starting a family will become a reality.
Our dreams of bringing a child into our home and our marriage bring us so many moments of hopeful happiness. Every single one of our family members and friends is ready and waiting to welcome this special little person into our lives. (And there are a lot of them! :) )
Our family will be one who openly discusses the process of adoption and how it brought us all together. We will be forever grateful for our birth parents' and their immeasurable gift to us. If you are interested in some level of communication or involvement throughout the baby's life we would be happy to explore a plan that works for everyone.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at all, we are an open book!
Aubrey and Kelly

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Who We Are

We have been together for about eight years now and each day we find ourselves discovering more and more about love, partnership, and this crazy thing called life.
We were married in October of 2014, about 3 years after we first met. It was such a magical day.
When people ask us how we met we kind of laugh. At the time it was unusual for both of us although it is becoming more and more common these days. It happened very randomly on a dating website in 2011, which neither of us used very avidly. The ongoing joke is that Aubrey went into the date intending to be "just friends" at first. But it didn't take long to see there was too much about us that felt right to leave it at friends. Things fell together quickly and pretty easily. We just really enjoyed each other's company in a way that felt fun and exciting but also easy and comfortable. And that really still describes us. We enjoy each other and this life we have built together so much, in both big and very simple ways.
Food plays a major role in our world, we like to find and try recipes together, explore new and favorite restaurants and have friends and family over for meals. We are those people who will talk about what's for dinner while we are still eating breakfast and our vacations tend to revolve around meals.
We really like going to the movies on weeknights as a way to break up the workweek. There is a silent "thumbs up, thumbs middle or thumbs down" rating system that happens during the trailers. Unless a horror movie trailer comes on, in which case Aubrey will close her eyes and plug her ears until it's over. Anytime Kelly wants to see a scary movie she has to find a friend or sibling to go with.
Our ridiculously over-sized couch is also a favorite destination for us and lots of our loved ones. We can be found snuggled up with our three rescue cats many nights of the week.
Kelly is absolutely obsessed with, not just our cats, but ALL cats. Her instagram feed is flooded with stories of kittens and cats all over the world. People love to give her (and both of us, as much as Aubrey tries to object) anything cat related as gifts. Anything you can think of, we probably have it! Mugs, t-shirts, kitchenware...it goes on and on!
The two of us also love spending time with the children of our family and friends. We have pool days in the summer where everyone comes over with the kiddos and we swim, listen to music, and lounge around doing crossword puzzles together.
Crossword puzzles and trivia games are a favorite pastime in both of our families. Our living room is never without at least one crossword puzzle in the works and Jeopardy is a favorite TV show in our household.
Family is also huge to us. Both sides are very close. The child who is meant to expand our tribe is going to be loved, accepted and supported by SO many people, just as we are.
Every summer we spend at least a week with Aubrey's father and stepmother in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where Aubrey grew up. The simple and beautiful way of life there is of huge value to us both and we want our children to share in the magic of that place someday.
Overall, we feel the key to our happy life is being grateful for what he have, including each other, every single day. We try our best on a tough day to always come back to remembering our good fortune and to take pleasure in even the smallest details. That is what we hope to teach our child or children as well.

Adoption Diary

Giving Thanks

We have been in this adoption game for a while now and have been given a lot of different advice about what to show and not show to prospective birth parents. No sunglasses, no family members, no pets, etc…but after all this time we’ve decided to just lay it all out there. We feel so blessed to have the big, loving, supportive family that we both brought into our marriage. Sometimes our hearts get so full it’s hard to put it into words. And we can’t wait to share all of that love with the first child we are honored to bring home.
This year for Thanksgiving we had eighteen people gathered around a very long makeshift table enjoying a beautiful meal prepared in our kitchen. Kelly’s dad and stepdad handled all of the dishes afterwards, our adorable nephew who will be celebrating his first birthday in just a week had brussels sprouts for the first time and actually liked them! And after everyone stuffed themselves to the point of discomfort, we packed up leftovers and brought them to some people who didn’t have a place to go this Thanksgiving, as we do every year.
If you are interested in speaking more with us about our family or have any questions please do not hesitate to shoot us an email. We would be happy to hear from you. 
Warm Regards,
Aubrey and Kelly

Future Nursery

It was definitely a team effort but we finally got the old carpet out of the big bedroom! We brought our whole family together to get the project completed and we’re thrilled with the result. This room will easily become a nursery once we have an adoption plan in place. We can’t wait!!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Aubrey & Kelly

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Aubrey & Kelly