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Our family is unique. We cherish our family time by filling up every single second by singing songs together or by snuggling in the couch with a nice family movie on. We embrace lively experiences so we often go on road-trips with close friends and families and we regularly meet with the extended family we have created in America. Whether it is Hawaii, Yellowstone National Park, or our home, we always make sure to spend our time together in a manner that is unique to us. With our little inside jokes and our common appreciation for each other, You can be sure that our future child will be in safe and caring hands.

Our Home

We live in the suburbs of sunny California in a comfortable single-family, one story house. Our three-bedroom/two-bath home has more than enough room for three kids to play and have fun, especially with our well-maintained swimming pool. Our community houses incredible academic programs starting with our award-winning school district and a library robustly furnished with computers and other technology for ease of access. Your child will have the privilege of growing up with a beautiful park just two minutes away and the opportunity to explore any passions he or she may have as there are numerous extracurricular programs available such as swimming classes, art classes, ballet, music, and so much more.

About Pavi on Raj

Raj is my dream come true husband. He is very positive, energetic, confident, unmitigated, affirmative and genuine. He has been so supportive through all tough journey we had and can sure count on him in future. I always inspired how he offers helping hands to anyone reaches out to him. He would go above and beyond for his friends. He is very proficient with his handy man skills, sportsmanship, Multi cuisine skills and so on. His “Honest Opinion (named it after going through too many)” can be forceful, but would be authentic. We have our own squabbles everyday(how can life be without them), but never kept us apart.

About Raj on Pavi

Pavi is gorgeous life partner, brave women, fun to spend time with. She is a loving mother and keeps our kids in mind every step of her day. I would vouch on her determination to get things done. It requires so much of her planning and effort to keeps things in order. I can promise you we would put as much effort as it could take to keep our kids happy. We both believe in value of life is to be happy, not to hurt anyone and help others. In our journey together, we learnt stressing on things will only make it worse.

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Pavi & Raj

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Pavi & Raj