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Our Story

Sara has a small cleaning business, and Josh works as a Senior Software Support Engineer. We started dating after being the only two zombies at a Halloween party. Guess you could say we liked each other's B-R-A-I-N-S!! After 3 years of dating, we were married in 2011 at Sara's home town in Northern Minnesota. A few years after, we bought a country home in southeast North Dakota near the area where Josh grew up. We want to start a family. For fun we like to spend time with family and friends, play with our one dog and two cats, update our 100 year old house, and generally geek out to science fiction shows and games.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a 100 year old farm house situated on nine acres of country land with lots of room to run around and play. We live about one mile from a small town, and a 25 minute drive from a metro area. One of the reasons we moved here for the good school district. We love the hard wood floors and old fashioned charm. Sara keeps large and small gardens for flowers and vegetables.

About Sara

adoptive family photo - Sara What Josh says he loves about Sara.

Sara is a creative, talented, fun, free spirited individual with lots of love for family and friends. Sara has a strong sense of family values. Sara can make a mean peanut butter cookie. Sara laughs at my jokes no matter how bad they are. Sara loves to spend time with he numerous nieces and nephews. Sara watches cheesy Sci-Fi movies with me, and actually enjoys them! Sara helps cheer the Viking even when they are far from winning. Sara is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty.

About Josh

adoptive family photo - Josh Sara thoughts on Josh.

Josh will be a good dad. He is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his own back if it would help you. I think he is hilarious. He has a dry humor mixed with some bad knock knock jokes. Josh works very hard for our family doing computer tech support, and he says he loves it. Josh is there to lend a helping hand: that could be volunteering for our church, helping friends move, or helping family work on their houses. he is the most patient person I have ever met. He has been a wonderful support for me during daily life challenges, and an awesome partner in embracing fun new adventures. I know all of these things will help him be a good father.

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Josh & Sara

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Josh & Sara