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About Us

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Our Story

Journey To Adoption

The greatest joy in our lives is being parents. When we found out that Liz could no longer have any more children, there was no question in our minds that adoption would be the answer to completing our family and making our dreams come true! Michael is just the love of our lives but we are still hoping for another child to welcome into our hearts. We continue to pray for the chance to grow our family through adoption and we thank you for your strength and bravery as you take the time to consider our family for your child.

Our Story
Andrew and Liz met through a mutual friend that Liz went to college with and who Andrew grew up with. After being introduced we began dating and were instantly inseparable. We spoke on the phone at least three times a day and it was obvious to us as well as our family and friends that we would be together forever. We did so many fun and wonderful things together while we were dating. We went to firehouse functions (Andrew is a volunteer fireman), baseball games, went out to dinner, spent time out on the east end of Long Island as well as in New York City and attended animal rescue events in between. We dated for two and a half years and were engaged for a little over a year until we were married in 2008. We had a beautiful church ceremony in the church that Liz’s family has been going to for over fifty years. It was followed by an enormous reception with all of our family and friends supporting us. Besides being deeply in love with each other, we are also the best of friends who compliment and balance each other out perfectly.
As a couple we enjoy taking walks together, having big summertime BBQ’s and eating outside, sharing household responsibilities (Andrew is very handy around the house), going to the movies and spending time with family and friends. We love talking over a family dinner each night, asking Michael (our son) how his day was and sharing all of the highlights. As a family we often walk to the library together to check out books and read together, spend time at the park which of course Michael loves, take our dogs for a walk, and play both indoor and outdoor games. Our home is filled with love and laughter and we dream of the day that we can expand our family through adoption.

About Us
Family Traditions
We have so many family traditions, many of which have carried over from our childhood. We feel it is so important for a child to grow up having keystone events to look forward to and experience every year. Every year in the fall we go both apple and pumpkin picking with both immediate and extended family. At Christmas time, we always pick out a tree with Liz’s parents and we bake Christmas cookies the week before the holiday with both sets of grandparents. The holidays are always shared in larger than life gatherings, with family teeming out the doors and delicious smells wafting through the house. We both come from big families and holidays are spent with them, with great gatherings of food, presents, non-stop chatter and children running around. We are truly blessed that so many of our relatives live so close to us and that we are able to see each other frequently. Your child will be welcomed into and loved by so many cousins, aunties and uncles!

Each year we usually go on two vacations, out to the east end of Long Island where our family rents a summer house as well as down south to Florida. The house out east has become in part, a family tradition. It’s so nice getting away from the busier lifestyle and just simply relax by the beach, visiting quaint farmer's markets and enjoying nature and its natural beauty. We spend the week with Liz’s immediate family and have such an amazing time!
We also travel down to Florida once a year. Andrew’s mother and stepfather live in Florida and it is wonderful to go down and see and spend time with them. Liz’s parents live primarily in New York, but they also have a vacation home in Florida which they frequent. Liz has family that lives down there, so our annual trips are filled with reunions, fun and laughter.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our Home and Neighborhood

We live in a family orientated neighborhood that has wonderful schools and so many parks to choose from. We are only minutes from the beach and there are so fun-filled amusements within driving distance. Our home is a two story house and has three bedrooms. Our favorite place is the whole first floor because it set up for family fun! We have a large backyard filled with things to do, complete with a swing set, sandbox, gardens and climbers.
As a couple, we enjoy cooking dinner together, sharing household chores and going out to dinner and the movies but we also really love spending time together as a family too. We love taking walks around the neighborhood, attending local street fairs and carnivals, bicycling at the local park and having family BBQ’s and making s’mores over our fire pit. Every spring we plant a huge vegetable garden today and get to watch everything grow and ripen and then of course we eat it! We love visiting zoos, aquariums, parks and beaches during the warmer months.

To say we have a few pets is an
understatement! Before we had Michael we devoted much of our time to animal rescue. Michael comes by loving animals naturally and our home is filed with furry family members! We have two dogs, both of which are phenomenal with children. They are the gentlest of giants and love Michael beyond measure. We also have two guinea pigs that Michael adores, two parakeets, three hermit crabs and a tank of goldfish that were won at various carnivals over the years. We also take care of a little outdoor cat that is just the cutest. We all enjoy animals as a family and often frequent a friend’s horse farm where Michael can groom, care for, feed and ride an ancient little pony who he loves.

Our Loving Immediate and Extended Family
We are a family that loves spending time together! Whether it is with our immediate or extended family, we feel that spending time together is so important. Andrew is one of three boys and Liz has a younger brother. But we are so blessed to have both big immediate and extended families. Liz’s brother and sister-in-law live close by and are a big part of our lives. On Liz’s side we have so many first, second and even third cousins that we see on a pretty regular basis! Maybe it’s the Italian in us, but we are fortunate to have much of our family living pretty close to each other. We get together for almost all of the major holidays and share in birthdays, baptisms, communions, weddings and anniversaries. Liz was so fortunate to grow up with all of her first cousins and really strives to give that same experience to both Michael and the child she and Andrew hope to adopt. Liz’s mother and father live just down the block from them. We see them almost every day and often have Sunday dinners there. Michael loves spending time with his grandparents and is loved and supported completely and unconditionally by them, as your child will be. The world turns for the children in our family as it will for your child.
Andrew has two older brothers that live within an hour of us. His middle brother and sister-in-law have two children who Michael loves so much and who we see often. During the summer months we go to the zoo or library programs together. Andrew’s mother and step-father (Andrew’s father passed away when he was twelve years old) live in Florida but we see them three to four times a year. Michael loves their “Florida House” and we make an annual trip down there once a year and they come up to see us and rest of the family the rest of the time. When we are down there we do fun things like go to Busch Gardens and take Michael on Go-Carts. Christmas Eve is always spent with Andrew’s side of the family and it is a tradition that we all look forward to!

About Liz

adoptive family photo - Liz Andrew Talks About Liz
Liz is a kind and gentle person. I can still recall the first moment I met her, her smile lit up the entire room and I fell in love with her right on the spot. We talked for hours on end and still do to this day. In Liz I have truly found my soul mate and my best friend. Not only is she my rock, she is the glue that keeps the family together. Liz is the absolute best mother that any child could ask for. She is patient, understanding, smart, and unbelieving caring, which is exactly how I knew she would be as a mother. When Michael arrived, Liz always knew what to do. From kissing a boo-boo to make everything ok-to a simple hug when Michael is upset, Liz knows exactly how to make Michael happy and I know she would do the same with our future child. With Liz’s help, whether it is a play date or looking art the stars in the sky at night, Michael’s imagination knows no boundaries. While doing all of this, Liz still manages to keep Michael grounded with an understanding of what is right and wrong.

What Liz Loves To Do
Besides devoting my whole self to being a mother, I still enjoy doing things that I love and of course things I can pass on to Michael and the child we hope to adopt. As a family we all love the outdoors and I have always loved to garden. Every spring we plant a garden filled with veggies and herbs and Michael has become quite the helper! I also love to go for walks around our neighborhood and down by the beach (we live only minutes away from the water). I have always loved to read and paint and we often take trips to the library where Michael can pick out all the books he wants as well as doing tons of arts and crafts in our home. I feel it is so important that children know who they are and that they are able to express themselves through any creative outlet. Andrew and I really nurture and support this in Michael as our parents did for us. We also adore our pets and often take the dogs for a walk, spend time with our small animals and during the warmer weather take Michael for pony rides at our friend’s horse farm. Before Michael was born I had been a teacher which I loved and found so rewarding and enjoying, but I knew without question that I wanted to be a stay at home mother.

Liz As A Stay-At-Home Mom
After Michael was born, there never was any doubt as to what I would do once we started our family. I always knew I wanted to be a stay home mom and Andrew was in complete agreement. Both of our mothers were home for us growing up and we feel that it was a priceless and positive experience. Thankfully, Andrew’s hard work and income allows me to do just that. I love being a stay at home mom and would not trade it for the world! I am there everyday with Michael and get to be so involved in his schooling and activities. I got to experience all of his “firsts”-first steps, first word, etc. Watching Michael grow and experience the world is priceless. Hearing him peal with laughter as he discovers new things is what I love the most. My greatest desire is to be there for both Michael and the child we one day we hope to adopt. Andrew and I want to give them all the unconditional love and support that they need in order for them to grow up and become the amazing and beautiful people that they are destined to be.

About Andrew

adoptive family photo - Andrew Liz Talks About Andrew

Andrew would be best described as the most patient and kindest of men. He is a warm and caring husband as well as a compassionate and diligent father. He is so steady and level-headed, always thinking clearly, always the glue that holds us together. One of my favorite things to do is watch Andrew teach Michael something new and for Michael to learn from his father. Andrew has a great sense of humor, a trait which he and Michael share. He is always looking on the bright side of every situation and can make anyone and everyone laugh. His kind heart shines through and I find that people are so often drawn to him. Andrew is a kid at heart and enjoys playing as much as Michael does. He is an extremely supportive and loving person which of course makes him the best father and husband. I love that no matter what the situation, Andrew always makes sure that Michael and I are loved, protected and cared for. From the first moment I met Andrew he made me feel at ease and taken care of. He truly is my best friend and brings out the best in me. He has a heart of gold and always puts our needs above his own and always does what is right for our family. I can say without hesitation that he would be exactly the same way with your child.

What Andrew Enjoys
I enjoy spending time with my family, especially Michael. Whether it’s helping out with his homework after school, sitting down to build Lego together or hanging outside with him playing baseball, soccer or basketball, whenever I am with my family I am having a good time. When the weather gets nicer, I enjoy barbecuing and working on projects outside the house. In my spare time I also enjoy being a volunteer firefighter for the last eighteen years and love to bring Michael to the firehouse to hang out and play on the fire truck.

Andrew As Our Provider
Andrew is an extremely diligent and hard worker and is very successful as the Collector Car Program Manager for the insurance company AIG. He has provided our family with a comfortable lifestyle so that I can be home each day with Michael. He is well respected at work and has formed strong friendships with his coworkers. He always makes sure to spend time with Michael and we always eat dinner together and spend the evenings catching up on the events of the day.

Michael is five years old and is so much fun to be around! He is currently in kindergarten and is learning all sorts of new and wonderful things. He has a heart of gold and genuinely cares for all people and animals around him. He enjoys being outdoors, playing with his pets and singing songs. He is involved with sports such as soccer, karate, and T-Ball. He loves the outdoors and has a natural love of science. We have always tried to support his interests and likes in every way possible, whether it’s ordering caterpillars and watching them transform into butterflies, visiting aquariums, zoos, and museums or simply planting a garden. Michael just adores all of his cousins, especially his younger ones. He always makes sure that they are taken care of and watches over them like a big brother. He absolutely loves playing with them and is always hugging and kissing them. Michael asks often for a baby brother or sister and we know that he would be the best big brother in the world.

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