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Our Story

If anyone had told us years ago that we would meet our spouse and best friend on-line we wouldn’t have believed them. However that’s exactly what happened. Our first date was at a local sports bar where we watched the Stanley Cup Finals between the Detroit Red Wings & Pittsburgh Penguins go into triple overtime. We were having so much fun being together we didn’t notice that almost 7 hours had gone by. After that day we’ve rarely spent any time apart and we were married in February of 2010. In 2012 we welcomed our first child by adoption, our son Luke and 6 months later his sister Elizabeth was born and adopted by us. Luke and Elizabeth have changed our lives for the better and we could not imagine our life without them.. They would love nothing more than to have a younger sibling join our family the same way they did.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the suburbs about an hour outside of the center of New York City. We moved up here a little over 3 years ago. Our home now is a 3 level townhouse in a condominium community. Our complex has many amenities and safety features that have made it the perfect place to raise our family. We have made several friends in our complex and the surrounding areas and have family living within a short drive away. We feel very secure and embraced by our community and we know that a new child will be welcomed into the neighborhood with open arms.
Even though we live so close to one of the largest cities in America city, our neighborhood provides us the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of small town living. There are an endless number of community activities at our fingertips and wonderful public facilities we can walk to from our home. Quality schools, several large parks and playgrounds just to name a few.

When we leave our suburban neighborhood we have all of New York City to explore. We love spending our free time being tourists in our home city. There is always something to do and living so close to New York City provides us the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world. Due to the city’s population being so diverse, there are celebrations and parades held throughout the year honoring cultures from all over the world. Raising a child in or near New York City is a wonderful way to foster a child’s appreciation of the variety and richness of life. We also look forward to sharing all the museums, shows, landmarks and historical places with our children.

About Mara

adoptive family photo - Mara Mara’s professional and personal life is built around helping people. Whether it is has been in her career as an Paramedic, her last 5 years as a mother or the way she helps her friends and family through the challenges life brings their way, Mara is always there for those who need her. Because of the love she has to share, Mara is extremely close with her family and she remains close with her friends from childhood. She simply has an enormous capacity for love and I look forward to seeing her share that love with another child. She is looking forward to continuing her role as a stay at home mother for some time with our newest child in their earliest years of life.

About James

adoptive family photo - James James has always loved children and is able to channel his inner child to relate to them better than anyone I’ve ever known. James always enjoys being a part of the life of any child in his family - from his nephew to his sixth cousin. James is honest, hardworking and diligent in everything he does. As his wife I couldn’t have picked a better husband. The same qualities that have made him a wonderful husband, son, uncle, cousin, friend and colleague are the ones that have made him an amazing father to Luke and Elizabeth. He is excited and looking forward to adding another child to love into our lives.

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