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Our Story

We met through online dating when Heather saw Steve’s profile and sent him a little note that said, “If we were closer, I would be so happy to meet you.” It turns out, Steve was just as happy to meet Heather.

While we dated long distance, we got to know each other through marathon phone calls, hundreds of emails, a bunch of silly letters (Heather liked to send Steve pretend telegrams and postcards from other centuries) and, of course, through our visits. It was clear to us from our very first dates that we both cared deeply about having children. We actually talked about adopting from the very start.

Today we’re a happily married two-Toyota family. Steve was a lawyer who went back to school to pursue his dream of becoming a college professor. He teaches on a beautiful small, liberal-arts campus where he gets to know and mentor his students. Heather was a writer and is now getting her master’s degree to become a therapist. We both love what we do and believe that it's never too late to go after your desires.

Some of our favorite times are with our friends and family and getting to explore the world, but we also enjoy those simple pleasures such as being in our pajamas on the couch, taking turns over who gets to pick a movie to watch. We would love more than anything to share the remote control with a little someone who might add Sesame Street or Mickey Mouse into the rotation.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Our Home

Our home is filled with books--cookbooks, novels, books about philosophy, you name it. We have a bunch of children's books in our collection as well to read to our little friends and loved ones when they visit.

We enjoy (almost) all kinds of music, so there is often something playing in the background. Our fridge is stocked with wholesome foods, but Heather loves to bake, so you might also smell pound cake or chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

Our tree-lined neighborhood is safe and friendly. You'll find many kids and dogs playing in the nearby parks. Richmond is the capital city and has much to offer in the way of arts--visual, performing, music, festivals, and much more.

There are so many things to do here; there's a children's museum and a science museum (there's an entire museum district actually!) as well as lots of outdoor activities, including strolling along the James River and making your own adventures in and around the city's many gardens, parks, and trails. This is a wonderful family-oriented town.

About Steve (by Heather)

adoptive family photo - Steve (by Heather) One of the things I love most about Steve is what a patient and excellent teacher he is. He is so good at communicating. I believe this will translate into a terrific skill set as a father. I can imagine him helping our children with their homework and making learning fun for them.

Another thing I love about Steve is how playful he is. He can quote movies and TV shows and songs, and he’ll do it all in funny voices. He likes to do different accents, but (don’t tell him this)—they all sound Italian. That said, it’s a really good Italian accent. He also does impressive dinosaur and grizzly bear impressions, and I think children of all ages can enjoy that.

Steve is high-energy and athletic. He will definitely be the kind of dad who plays catch in the park and would be well-qualified to coach any young sports team.

Although Steve would never brag about this—I think it’s cool that he went to Harvard for college. He’s really smart, but more importantly, he’s kind and gentle and works hard at everything he does. And he supports me wholeheartedly in everything I do. I admire him so much and know he’ll be a super dad who loves, nurtures, and encourages our children to pursue their dreams.

About Heather (by Steve)

adoptive family photo - Heather (by Steve) I like to imagine that if Heather were depicted in a cartoon, the thought bubble over her head would say, “How can I make things better for the people around me?” (I also imagine that her character would be holding a cup of light-roast coffee in one hand and a novel in the other, but that’s another story.)

It’s not just that Heather looks for opportunities to do things for others, but that she genuinely delights in it. While this is one of the things that makes her such a wonderful partner and friend, nowhere will make it more of a difference than as a parent. Because in addition to experiencing the love in all she does, our children will feel the joy she takes in caring and nurturing.

One of the things I remember so fondly about my own childhood was feeling like my mother and father deeply enjoyed the time they spent with me. It wasn’t just a job or responsibility. And with Heather as their mother, our children will feel that in the biggest way.

My wife is also playful, funny, and smart as a tack. So many different kinds of things engage and interest her, from science and current events to music, art, and movies. Heather is already an informal adviser to many, and she is on her path to becoming an outstanding counselor professionally.

Our children will be extraordinarily fortunate to be blessed with a mother who is at once a terrific teacher, fun playmate, and loving guardian angel.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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