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Jessica and Jon


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Our Story

Jon and Jessica met untraditionally yet traditionally online. We have been married now for 8 years. We find as many ways as possible to make each other laugh. We are partners in our marriage and are committed to providing for our family, being good role models for our children, giving back to our community, and spending time with our families.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a town in Tennessee and enjoy traveling into neighboring big cities to enjoy sporting events, concerts, and Christmas plays. Our house is in a quiet neighborhood. We are very lucky to have great neighbors. Our town provides a safe environment for our children to grow up in and invest time and money to provide our children with great schools.

About Jessica

adoptive family photo - Jessica Jessica is caring individual. She has chosen a career that gives her an opportunity every day to work with children of all ages to help them "Find their voice". She works as speech therapist. She is very blessed to be able to help her families in the community. She enjoys spending her free time playing outside, riding bicycles or swimming. Music has always been important to Jessica. She looks forward to the day to share all her music interests with her children and begin going to music concerts.

About Jon

adoptive family photo - Jon Jon is committed to providing for his family. He enjoys working in a leadership role with his job and genuinely enjoys working with building a successful team at his job. He has a passion for children. He often describes himself as a "big kid". He enjoys following all of the current gadgets in technology and video gaming. He has a good sense of humor and loves being surrounded by friends and family.

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Jessica and Jon

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Jessica and Jon