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  • Big kids get to ask for something too.
  • Halloween 2
  • Christmas
  • Halloween

Extended Family and Friends

  • Katie's Family
  • Aaron's Family!
  • We have been blessed to have had Katie's Grandparents show us true love.
  • Cousin Fun at Weddings.
  • Our Friends are also our family!
  • Fishing with Uncle Aaron
  • Happy Birthday Little Dude!
  • So in love with him!
  • Vacations to see our friends (family).
  • Katie with her brother and grandma.  So blessed to have her in our life.
  • Katie's Family
  • Katie's mom, niece, and sister-in-law taking on a Christmas Show
  • Camping with Aaron's sister, brother-in-law and our nephews.
  • Winter Cabin
  • Getting water at the cabin
  • Showing the niece how to give back at Feed My Starving Children


  • Biking around the twin cities (we might have gotten a bit lost)
  • A hike in San Diego (one of our favorite spots to travel)
  • An evening walk on the trails by our house.
  • Who says paddling is just for when it is warm out?
  • Another biking day!
  • A hike in San Fransisco
  • A hike up the north shore
  • A hike near the Canadian Boarder
  • Sunset on Cumberland Island GA
  • Preparing to Zip Line
  • Fact about Katie: She is afraid of heights but she zipped lined across the Mississippi
  • And we are back on the ground safely!
  • Winter Cabin Time
  • Vacations always have ice cream
  • Niagra Falls for a quick stop.
  • A sunny walk
  • Ocean Hike
  • Picnic in California
  • Kayaking


Big kids get to ask for something too.
Halloween 2

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Katie & Aaron

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Katie & Aaron