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Fall Fun with Friends

Last weekend we adventures a bit from home to the river bluffs to enjoy a fall hike with friends and the pup!! We love the fall weather and the time outside. Read more »

This guy is the best dad!

I am going to brag for a moment about this guy and being a dad. He is not a go to work and be the fun guy, but an all in there dad. He does mornings and pretend play of dinosaurs in the backyard. When Adeline was little Saturday morning sleeping in together we’re their thing (and still are). He is a world class guy who Read more »

This guy is the best dad!

I am going to brag for a moment about this guy and being a dad. He is not a go to work and be the fun guy, but an all in there dad. He does mornings and pretend play of dinosaurs in the backyard. When Adeline was little Saturday morning sleeping in together we’re their thing (and still are). He is a world class guy who Read more »

This guy is the best dad!

I am going to brag for a moment about this guy and being a dad. He is not a go to work and be the fun guy, but an all in there dad. He does mornings and pretend play of dinosaurs in the backyard. When Adeline was little Saturday morning sleeping in together we’re their thing (and still are). He is a world class guy who Read more »

Summer is over…

When of the greatest blessings we have as a family is Katie’s job. As a teacher we love that she gets the breaks to unwind and explore new adventures together. We loved creating all the wonderful memories together. This summer we watch Adeline turn from a toddler into a creative little girl. We hope this school year brings Read more »

Friends who are family!

Last weekend Aaron and I had the honor of having a weekend away, kid free trip to attend and support good family friends at a wedding. Katie’s made of honor/sister by choice got married!! For our wedding role we helped to support her brother so he could have a great time with the wedding party. We had the best weekend and Read more »

This week…

Dance camp this week was not going well (ears and missed class Monday, clinging to grandma and mommy Tuesday/Wednesday, and tears to not go today (Thursday)) so instead of fighting it, we skipped dance and went to the zoo. A Mommy/Adeline day was what we needed. The look on Adeline’s face and the excitement in her voice Read more »

Vacation and experiences

Last week we took time out as a family to live life as a family and go to our favorite place, the north shore of Lake Superior. We love camping, hiking, and being together!! Adeline volunteered to hike 1-2 miles a day and then we would put her in the pack and continue. We know as parents we want our kids to experience life to Read more »

Someone turned three!!

So when you are three you get to have a mermaid bash with all of mommy’s girl friends and their girls. How lucky are we?? Adeline’s third birthday showed the love we get and want to spread. Happy third birthday baby girl!! We love you lots Read more »

Friends who are our family

Today, we were honored to stand beside our friends’ son and welcome him into God’s family by being his God parents!  We feel so blessed that friends have choose us to be apart of their family and take on this important role. #katzneradoptionadventure Read more »

Happy Fourth of July (a bit late)!

Well we are late posting about the Fourth of July because we were out of reception and enjoying a week at the cabin with Katie’s family. Boat rides, tons of swimming, lots of cousin time, digging in the dirt, and being outside with nature!! The cabin is our favorite place to be and we can’t wait for another one to join Read more »


They say cousins are your first friend. As they get to be the first you have sleepovers with, learn to share with, and spend lots of time with!! This past week Katie’s brother’s kids spent the week wi the us. We went to the zoo, saw great grandma and had ice cream, played, and the very special day of Valleyfair amusement Read more »

Happy Father’s Day!!

Today can’t pass without recognizing Aaron for the dad he is!!he is the moon and back and would do anything for his girls!  He loves his daddy time and can’t wait to complete our family. His journey towards adoption was a journey but he grew and loves it, one he is open to share. Anyone who meets Aaron knows we are Read more »

The great outdoors!!

If there is one thing we love that we love it is being outdoors!! Neither of us were big outdoors people, before we got married. Katie grew up in a family that was, but despised it herself!! Once we were married we fell in love with being outside and camping!!  This past weekend we went camping with Katie’s brothers Read more »

Summer travels!!

Mommy always enjoys her summer adventures with Adeline!  Last week the two of them took their annual mother daughter trip to see Katie’s good friend Becky and her three kids. No daddy’s around on this trip let we only ate ice cream, tacos, pizza, and hotdogs. Because it is also moms in charge we did have our fruits Read more »

It’s national donut day!!

It’s national donut day!! If there our two things Katie loves it is the best donuts and ice cream places!! What a better way to kick of summer and breakfasts together then with a donut!! Read more »

Summer is here!

Katie is out of school for the year and we spent the long weekend at the cabin!  Adeline checked off three of her summer bucket list items: 1- finding worms; 2- driving Papa’s tractor 3- fishing!  Summer is off to a great start! Read more »

Grateful for Family

One thing we are very grateful for is Katie’s two grandmas are still with us. As we are vaccinated, we are so excited to get to spend time with them again!! Fun fact… Adeline is named after both the grandmas. We can’t wait to share with you the story and the importance of family names and tying in your names Read more »

Mother’s Day

The weekend flew by and into the week we have gone!!  I realized I never posted about Mother’s Day and the joy this one brings me!! We adore her to the bottom of our hearts and I feel so honored to be her mom!! For any birth moms reading this know you choosing me to have your child call me mom will be the greatest Read more »

Farm Day!!

This morning we put on our rain boots and headed to the farm!! Spring is officially here and we love that Adeline is getting into all these fun activists. Petting the lambs was a highlight this morning!! Read more »


It has been a busy couple of weeks as we embrace spring!! Last weekend we got our first date night and paddle in of the season!! Adeline was able to have a long over due sleepover with her (grandma).  She loves her Bama time and we are so thankful for her and our couple time we get when Adeline is with her!! We have Read more »

He is risen!!

Happy Easter from our family to yours. Today we enjoyed watching Adeline find her Easter eggs filled a morning treats (cereal and a bit of candy), bunny pancakes, virtual church, a long walk, first bike ride of the season and seeing the grandparents for a quick visit. We love our family time, especially now that it is Read more »

Beach, sun, and spring break

The best part about Katie being a teacher is we get set breaks to relax and enjoy together time!  This year we decided to head to Florida for our first beach vacation, just the three of us. We loved it so much and can’t wait for next year!! Watching Adeline play in the sand and swim and the pool made our hearts grow Read more »

Daddy worked and the girls played!!

Daddy (Aaron) had to work today sore the girls had a girls day!! We started by visiting Katie’s grandma for the first time in a year (COVID)  mid day was a nap and a walk in this beautiful day and ended it with some friends for dinner. Soon it will be summer and we can gather with friends!  For now we will love Read more »

Warm Weather is Upon Us

The last few days have been filled with warm weather activities. Walks, the park, bubbles, and just playing outside!! We love being outside and are excited for the weather to turn and the outdoor fun to continue! Read more »


As both of us work full time we love that we have found a daycare center near by where it is Adeline’s second home!! She loves going and playing with her friends!  Today was a warm day to go have some fun in the snow!! Read more »

Daddy/Daughter Date

Aaron adores his time with Adeline and is by far a hands on parent. This morning Aaron took Adeline to toddler time at Sky Zone so mommy could get some work done. Then we all met up for a tasty lunch!  Both of them loved jumping around!! Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day

Oh the love today!  Minnesota is way too cold to leave the house so we had a great stay at home day!! Heart shape French toast, learning how to use the climber independently, play dough, a long nap while mom and dad played games, our bff from daycare came to play, pasta dinner while learning how to slurp up noodles, and Read more »

Time with Grandma

We are so blessed to have very active grandparents in our life. COVID has had a new twist to it all, but we try hard to enjoy the times we can safely spend time with the grandparents. Today Katie’s mom enjoyed a morning at the Children’s museum with us. Adeline loves her Bama so much. Read more »

COVID weekends

Like so many of us we are all spending way more time at home these days!  Our weekends our full of playing, Adeline in her fancy princess dresses, and food. For us it has created a special time to grow as a family and start new traditions. Friday nights are typically pizza and movie night. After dinner we snuggle up with Read more »

The Adventure Continues!

Hello! We are back and ready to grow our family again!  The past two and a half years have been some of the greatest moments in our life, after our first match with Adeline.  We know in our hearts, we are ready to grow our family again!  We know Adeline’s first our not our last time of first, as Read more »

First Bike ride of the season!

We love to get out on our bikes and today we were able too!  Seeing the neighborhood come to life and change in the seasons is why we love our home. On our adventure we saw three deer just stop and look at us for awhile. The beauty outside makes up for the long winters. Happy Saturday! Read more »

One more warm weather post!

We can’t get enough of today’s warm weather so one more post… one of Katie’s favorite things is ice cream. Tonight we had to go get the first ice cream treat of the season. Only in MN can you enjoy 65 degrees, ice cream, while watching the sun set over a frozen lake. Read more »

Daily warm activity is back!

Our nightly trail exploration started today!  We love the trails in our neighborhood and we are so excited we get to go out on the trails again and sit on the back deck for dinner. Read more »

Warm spring day!

After a weekend of a snow storm the next weekend is 60 degrees and we could get outside!  We enjoy sitting outside, church, and the first fire of the year! Winter has passed and spring is here!! Read more »

Snowy Saturday

When will it be spring and summer???  After a workout for both of us we are spending today watching Games of Thrones, crafting, and being lazy. Being home is nice! Read more »

Fingerprints updated!

It’s that time of the year to update our background checks. This year was fingerprinting year. Afterwards we checked out the local bakery. Love eating and supporting local businesses. Happy Saturday!! Read more »

Easter Egg Decorating Fun

T’was the night before Easter and Katie’s family gathered around to die eggs with whip cream and food coloring.  Oh how fun with the niece and nephew! Read more »

A Wintry Spring Break

The best part of Katie being a teacher is the time off she gets. We try to take advantage of these times by heading some place we love or to visit people who are near to our hearts. This year we headed to Duluth for a night. Great food, walking around, and time together. Yes we love the warm sun of some place warmer but being Read more »

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