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Rick and Traci


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Our Story

We have been married for over 11 years. We met in late 2005. Both of us had had bad luck dating, so we were reluctant to be set up on a blind date but agreed to meet for lunch as long as our mutual friend came along. It took a few weeks to go on our first date, because Rick forgot to ask for Traci’s number after that lunch. Our mutual friend, who had her number, didn’t want to lose the power he held buy giving it up. We went mini golfing on our first date, and had a lot of fun. On the plus side, Rick actually remembered to get the digits this time! From that point on we were inseparable.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a little town in northern Utah. We are just a few minute drive from both of our families and wouldn't trade that for the world! We own our home. It is a fun multi level house withplenty of room to grow! Traci loves decorating our home and making it feel welcoming for all! We have a neighborhood that has alot of other children to play with and it is a very fun and safe area! We have some amazing friends around the corner from us that we spend a lot of time with.

About Rick

adoptive family photo - Rick Rick is a ray of sunshine in our family. He always seems to know when one of us needs to be cheered up, and usually knows exactly how to do it. Whether it’s a funny voice, a silly song, a fresh diet coke (for Traci), or a big bear hug. He tries really hard to make us laugh, especially if we are grumpy. He is an extremely hard worker. He and his brother own a business together that keeps him busy during the day. On nights and weekends he still makes sure that he is with us, and does his part around the house. He is an amazing cook, and loves to do it. So most of the time Traci is off the hook for making dinner. He takes his role as daddy very seriously. He is happiest when he is with his family. He does his best to be a good example to Sophie, of what she should look for in a husband. He is the best husband and daddy anyone could ask for.

About Traci

adoptive family photo - Traci Traci’s life long goal has been to be a mother. She has spent her entire life developing the skills she needs to achieve it. In high school and college she studied early childhood development. She has worked at a day care, pediatric dentist office, and currently teaches preschool a few days a week. She is now living her dream, because she gets to be a stay at home mother. One of the things people notice first about her is her “way” with children. They seem to flock to her instinctively. She loves being a mother, aunt, sister and friend, and bends over backwards to do the best she can at it. She loves to be outside when its warm, doing crafts for the house with Sophie, decorating for any and all holiday’s (Including made up ones), and having dance parties while we do our cleaning. She loves spending as much time with family as possible. She has recently rekindled her love of yoga and Pilates. She also loves watching silly T.V. shows like “Psych”, “American Housewife”, and “Scrubs”. Her deepest darkest secret is that she is a “Gilmore Girls” ADDICT!

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Rick and Traci

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Rick and Traci