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Our Story

We met 15 years ago in San Francisco when we were both having a night out with our friends. We bumped into each other that night and started talking, danced and exchanged phone numbers. We planned a date for the next Sunday evening. From there, we hit it off and started dating and chatting on the phone all the time. David proposed to Matthew in New Orleans while taking a romantic horse drawn carriage around the city.
We were married on an absolutely gorgeous day, at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We were surrounded by our family and friends. It was the best day of our lives. We were the first gay couple to get married at the Ritz, which they were just as excited about as
us. Our wedding took place 10 years ago before gay marriage became legal but we didn’t care, we wanted that commitment to each other. When gay marriage did become legal in California, we went to city hall and made it official.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a historic home located in Northern California. We often open up our home to our family and friends for the holidays, celebrations, and get-togethers. We spend many days and nights in our backyard, whether swimming in the pool, BBQing lunch or dinner, or just hanging out. Our city has excellent schools within walking distance from our home and is one of the safest cities around. Our city is very open and diverse, as there are many major corporate headquarters here, with people from around the world. Our home is conveniently located within short driving distance of many great attractions including the ocean, a large city, the mountains, and the countryside. We are walking distance of the downtown, a library, and restaurants. During the week, we take walks around the neighborhood and University campus and go to play in the nearby parks. Sebastian loves the swings. On Saturday mornings, we walk over to the local farmers market and get our fruit and vegetables for the week. We look forward to welcoming another child into our out and about the neighborhood time.

About Matthew

adoptive family photo - Matthew Matthew is a very loving and caring man. He also has a great dry sense of humor and will always make me smile with his quick comments. He is also confident and intelligent. He is strong in areas where I am weak. He can decorate better than anyone I know. He is very calm and understanding.
Matthew is a very patient person. He will walk into the dining room with Sebastian hanging on to his shorts walking alongside him. He is able to juggle multiple tasks with Sebastian right there by his side, from watering the outdoor plants, to cleaning the house to doing laundry together.
Matthew is a fantastic Daddy. He selflessly puts Sebastian and his needs first. He instinctively knows what Sebastian needs or wants. From the beginning, Matthew has had the natural parent instinct on caring for and raising Sebastian. Our next child will be very fortunate to experience the same love and nurturing from him.

About David

adoptive family photo - David David is an amazing man, his sense of humor, his caring nature, his “go getter” attitude, his thoughtfulness, and his passion all amaze me. He has greatly broadened my world and had me experience so many things, that I may not have experienced if it wasn’t for him. He is a very strong willed and determined person that likes to get things done. He has been very successful in everything he has done.
He loves sports, especially soccer and basketball. He plays basketball several times a week, as much as he can. He is already working with Sebastian on his ball skills and will love to teach things to our next child. David loves to cook and is so excited that Sebastian loves to eat just about everything, since Matthew is a picky eater.
David is an amazing Dadda. For being a big tough man, he is a softy when it comes to Sebastian. He loves to play with Sebastian and get him toys (I think he is just as excited about playing with them as Sebastian is). He often talks about all the things to do and places he wants to take Sebastian and our next child when they are old enough.

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Matthew & David

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