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Andrea & Nicole and Luca


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Our Story

We met in 2008, while watching a local band play in Northern Italy and had a whirlwind romance. Just one week after our first date, we became inseparable, and 9 months later, we were married.

We lived in Italy for nearly three years before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area for work, and soon became proud homeowners. Together, we enjoy working in our garden, walking local beach paths, and bike riding, but our life changed completely when we welcomed our adopted son, Luca, into our home and hearts. Luca is the light of our lives and we love sharing our everyday activities with him and spending family time together at the zoo, park, and with friends and family.

Andrea has a great job in San Francisco doing computer programming, while Nicole works in Oakland and teaches yoga part-time. Nicole even teaches family yoga where both Andrea and Luca come to class, and we get to spend time together with other families.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the community of Alameda, California, a beautiful little island, just 15 miles from San Francisco. Although Alameda is surrounded by large cities, it is a safe, tight knit community and has that small town feel we love so much. With many great schools to choose from, and family oriented activities and events, we couldn’t be happier to be building our family here.

We live in a lovely 2 bedroom, Spanish style bungalow home with a backyard that is great for gardening, children playing, bar-b-queuing and relaxing. We share our home, not only with Luca, but with two cats, too. We are also within walking distance to an excellent elementary school, local parks, and minutes away from Crown Memorial State Beach, where kids can learn about marine and shoreline life.
Nicole’s family lives nearby and will create part of our local support system. One of Nicole’s sisters lives minutes away in Alameda with her husband and two adopted daughters. The rest of Nicole’s family lives within an easy hours drive to our home. We stay close to Andrea’s family with Skype visits and trips to Italy.

About Nicole

adoptive family photo - Nicole I grew up in Northern California with two older sisters and loving parents. I am extremely close with my sisters and share everything with them. We regularly meet to go shopping, have spa days, or just hang out and play board games. Despite their divorce, my parents have always remained friends and they placed great importance on family. Growing up, we talked about our day during dinnertime, and even though we didn’t always live in the same house, we gathered together as a family (and still do) to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

I have traveled many countries and lived in several parts of the world. During my first year of college, I studied in Florence, Italy and had the opportunity to travel around Europe. I graduated from CSU, Chico in 2004. I studied Anthropology and had planned to work in forensic science, but life took me down a different path. I worked in biotechnology for several years before deciding to move to Italy to teach English.

After Andrea and I married and relocated to the US, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training and I love teaching all types of yoga. In addition, I work in a physical therapist office, which allows me another means to help and guide my yoga students. I enjoy gardening (especially with my dad), a daily meditation practice, crafting, sewing, and passing time with friends and family.

About Andrea

adoptive family photo - Andrea I was born in Italy, in the city of Turin. When I was 11, my family moved a relatively small town. I loved the countryside because people were friendlier and close there. I was able to bicycle to school, to the soccer field and to parks. Growing up, I loved spending time with my parents. My dad and I often watched SciFi and Fantasty shows or movies together. He also fostered my interest for both learning and activities like playing the bass guitar. I also appreciated spending time with my mom, learning how to cook. I didn’t learn all her tricks, but I’m able to prepare a few tasty dishes.

After school, I started my career as a software developer. I got my B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2010 (going to school part-time while working), which opened the door to better job opportunities, including the one I have now in San Francisco. Moving here, we were lucky enough to find a relatively small town that, in many ways, is similar to my Italian hometown. We love our life here, and even though it was hard at first to be so far away, my parents are now really happy for us. We are still very close to them; Skyping them weekly and trying to spend a least a couple of weeks with them in Italy every year.

I enjoy spending my free time with Nicole and Luca, hiking, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies ( I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and sci-fi in general). I am also very passionate about my job, always trying to learn more to improve my knowledge and better myself.

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Andrea & Nicole and Luca

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Andrea & Nicole and Luca