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Our Story

We met ten years ago at a friend's house and were instantly drawn to each other. Heather was drawn to Chris' kind spirit, great taste in music and his ability to listen. Chris was drawn to Heather's kindness, sense of humor, and her warm soul. At the time, he was living in Pennsylvania and she was living in NYC and we traveled back and forth to see each other as much as possible. We got engaged during a romantic trip to the Grand Canyon and we were married in 2013 surrounded by our family and friends.

We have an adorable, happy 2 year old son named Benjamin that we were blessed to welcome into our family last year and we love being parents! We also have a sweet playful dog names Nyla. We feel so lucky to have the family we do but we are all so ready and eager to add another child into our lives.

​We are truly best friends and partners in life and we are excited to expand our family. We adore Benjamin and we know he will be a wonderful big brother. We have so much love in our hearts for adding another child into our lives.

There is so much joy and laughter in our home. There is always music in our house and we've been known to break into spontaneous dance parties. Benjamin has a few favorite songs as well and starts dancing whenever he hears them. We all end up dancing together often!

Saturday is family day!

Every week we spend Saturday together as a family. Sometimes that means snuggling up on the couch watching movies all day. Other times it means going out as a family and having adventures. In the summer, we love to go to the beach, for walks, or go swimming. In the fall, we love to go apple picking and play in the leaves. In the winter, we get on our snow boots and romp around in the snow. We also love to decorate for Christmas in December! In the spring when the weather warms up, we get back outside for walks or hikes and start enjoying the beautiful weather again.

Our daily lives

Heather works part time as a physical therapist and loves helping people find relief from chronic pain. She's so glad that she can stay home with Benjamin most of the time yet still work a few hours each week. Her mom watches Benjamin while she works so Benjamin gets lots of fun Grandma time!
Chris works in finance and helps people figure out how they can retire comfortably. He loves working in a helping profession where he can focus on making people feel safe and secure in their futures. He works close to home and loves that he can be home every night for dinner with the family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a beautiful, family friendly neighborhood with great schools, lots of parks, and a wonderful sense of community.

We live just over an hour from New York City and 15 minutes from the beach. So much for kids to do to do in and around our town!

About Heather

adoptive family photo - Heather Chris writes about Heather!

Heather is a kind, passionate, hilarious wife as well as a smart, loving, and amazing
mother. I love watching her teach our son new words, and my favorite part of each
day is when I get to come home from work to see them having fun playing or eating

Heather is very tuned in to the world around her and can find a silver lining in every cloud.
She is incredibly spiritual and uses it as a guide to make the world around her a better
place. She spends most of her free time trying to improve the lives of our family and our
community and has a strong maternal instinct to protect who she loves.

Heather loves living an all-around healthy life but with a good amount of chocolate involved! Heather loves being active and walks with our son and our pup every morning and does yoga or lifts weights while playing with them. Words and actions mean the world to Heather, and she shows that by the genuine kindness she gives to everybody she meets.

About Chris

adoptive family photo - Chris Heather writes about Chris!

Chris is a hard working, loving, generous, caring husband and an attentive, involved,
hands on father. Chris has a strong but gentle presence and loves to talk with everyone
he meets and get to know them. He is also really funny and silly and keeps both me and
Benjamin laughing often! One of my favorite things in the world is watching Chris take
care of Benjamin. It just melts my heart!

Chris loves learning about the world around him and is always working to be the best person he can be. One of his hobbies is building and working with computers. He loves to figure out how machines work and build parts himself. He built three computers in our house! He also loves being active and enjoys hiking, weight lifting, skiing and swimming. He is excited to take our kids hiking and camping one day . Chris LOVES dogs. If he could, he would bring home all the dogs from every shelter have them come live with us!

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Heather & Chris

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Heather & Chris