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Heather & Chris
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To Someone Special,

Thank you for taking the time to begin to get to know us. We can’t imagine what you are going through right now but we see you as brave and courageous for looking to make decisions that are best for you and your baby. In looking through our profile, we hope you start to see our love of life and family, sense of adventure, and genuine desire to be the best parents possible. Please know that we respect you and what you are going through and we look forward to genuinely getting to know you.

If you choose us as parents for your baby, we promise you that they will have many opportunities in life with us and their education will be fully paid for. We are set up for that now and want you to know this will be taken care of. We are receptive to the idea of an open adoption if that is what you prefer and would be happy to talk more about how that can look in the future.

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Who We Are

We met ten years ago at a friend's house and were instantly drawn to each other. Heather was drawn to Chris' kind spirit, great taste in music and his ability to listen. Chris was drawn to Heather's kindness, sense of humor, and her warm soul. At the time, he was living in Pennsylvania and she was living in NYC and we traveled back and forth to see each other as much as possible. We got engaged during a romantic trip to the Grand Canyon and we were married in 2013 surrounded by our family and friends.

We have an adorable, happy 2 year old son named Benjamin that we were blessed to welcome into our family last year and we love being parents! We also have a sweet playful dog names Nyla. We feel so lucky to have the family we do but we are all so ready and eager to add another child into our lives.

​We are truly best friends and partners in life and we are excited to expand our family. We adore Benjamin and we know he will be a wonderful big brother. We have so much love in our hearts for adding another child into our lives.

There is so much joy and laughter in our home. There is always music in our house and we've been known to break into spontaneous dance parties. Benjamin has a few favorite songs as well and starts dancing whenever he hears them. We all end up dancing together often!

Saturday is family day!

Every week we spend Saturday together as a family. Sometimes that means snuggling up on the couch watching movies all day. Other times it means going out as a family and having adventures. In the summer, we love to go to the beach, for walks, or go swimming. In the fall, we love to go apple picking and play in the leaves. In the winter, we get on our snow boots and romp around in the snow. We also love to decorate for Christmas in December! In the spring when the weather warms up, we get back outside for walks or hikes and start enjoying the beautiful weather again.

Our daily lives

Heather works part time as a physical therapist and loves helping people find relief from chronic pain. She's so glad that she can stay home with Benjamin most of the time yet still work a few hours each week. Her mom watches Benjamin while she works so Benjamin gets lots of fun Grandma time!
Chris works in finance and helps people figure out how they can retire comfortably. He loves working in a helping profession where he can focus on making people feel safe and secure in their futures. He works close to home and loves that he can be home every night for dinner with the family.

Adoption Diary

A letter from our dear friend, Melissa

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my support for Heather and Chris Ippolito as potential adoptive parents. I have known Heather for more than 20 years. We first met in the late 1990s as fellow dance majors at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, and became close friends after finding ourselves in the same holistic nutrition course while both living in New York City. I met Chris through Heather when they first started dating over 10 years ago. We have remained friends throughout this time, despite living in separate states (Heather and Chris moved from New York to North Carolina and I moved to New Hampshire). Heather is an amazing friend who has always been there to support me. She is extremely empathetic, a good listener, and she cares deeply about all of her friends. Chris is gentle, kind, and generous.

For as long as I have known Heather, she has wanted to be a mother. She surrounds herself with children whenever possible. When she completed the doula training program and began attending births, I could think of no one I would rather have in the delivery room with me. She is patient, kind, warm, and generous. She treats her friends’ children as if they were her own. She has done a lot of work in the world to ensure safe childbirth and women’s and children’s rights, including teaching yoga at a birthing center in Uganda and working with young female victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia and India. My favorite images of Heather are pictures from these trips, seeing her smiling, surrounded by children who naturally gravitate toward her.

I was so happy for Heather when she met Chris, who shared her values. When they got married in 2013 and first started trying to have children of their own, I was excited for them. And then I couldn’t believe when they went through such heartbreaking difficulties to achieve that dream. It seemed so unfair that two such healthy, loving people who wanted a family so badly were not able to have that. Throughout their physical and emotional struggles as they tried to have children, Heather and Chris never lost focus on their long-term goal. No difficulty was too great to surmount in their pursuit to have a family of their own.

After infertility, miscarriages, and having to terminate a very much-wanted pregnancy due to devastating genetic abnormalities, Heather and Chris finally learned they were pregnant with Benjamin. Benjamin was born in June 2016, and Heather and Chris adore him. They are wonderful parents, providing a wonderful home for Benjamin. Heather’s work as an Alexander Technique instructor allows her to be home with Benjamin most of the time. They do everything they can to give Benjamin the best upbringing. Heather was committed to breastfeeding from the start and makes his food from scratch. Chris works hard to ensure their financial stability, and he always looks so happy cuddling with his boy when he gets home from work and taking him to his weekly swimming lessons. Benjamin is always smiling, and it is obvious how much he loves his family. Heather and Chris also have the support of their nearby families. I do not know Chris’s family well, other than to say that they are loving, involved parents, but I have known Heather’s family for almost as long as I have known her. Mark and Gloria Snyder are wonderful people who are very involved in their community and who have welcomed me into their home for many a holiday. An adopted child would be welcomed into an extended family of love and support.

Heather and Chris are the type of couple that are a joy to be around because their love for each other is so obvious. You can’t help but smile in their presence. They have surmounted many challenges just to be together, including living in different states and Chris’s time in the army. They have gotten through these tough times with love, kindness, and affection for each other. They are the definition of a committed couple. They have so much love to give, not only to each other, but also to Benjamin and to more children.

Without question, I recommend Heather and Chris as adoptive parents. I know the difficulties they went through in having Benjamin—the years of medications and doctor’s appointments and losses. I strongly support them in their decision not to go through all that again to have another biological child when there are so many children out there who need the loving home they could provide. I could not possibly recommend anyone to be adoptive parents more highly than Heather and Chris. In fact, in discussions with my partner about who to leave our children with in the case of our deaths, Heather and Chris were the first people who came to mind. I do not know any reason that would prevent Heather and Chris from becoming adoptive parents.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions. I am more than happy to help in any way I can.


Melissa Groves

A letter from our dear friend, Tessa

To Whom it May Concern :

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this reference letter for Heather and Chris.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather for over 7 years and I met Chris soon after that.  Heather and Chris are dear friends of mine, we started as neighbors, became friends and collaborators and I had the honor of officiating their wedding.  I officiated their wedding with the confidence that they were joining lives together to continue the love and support they have always offered each other and that they would continue to use their strength and passions to support their community and the world at large.

In knowing Heather and Chris I have had the opportunity to watch them celebrate great joys life, and they truly live life filled with an appreciation for each other their community.  Perhaps the most touching thing about knowing them has been watching them navigate the challenges of life together.  Heather and Chris live a mindful and conscious life, I have watched them come together in unexpected challenges and watched them grow and learn together.  These two are dedicated to a process of growing and constantly bettering themselves.  As an educator I know that the only thing predictable about children is the unpredictable, but I have seen Heather and Chris support each other and problem solve through the unexpected with grace, humor and perseverance.  These are the skills I know they will bring to parenting their child and caring for their family.

When I think about my time with Heather and Chris I think about visiting their home, sitting on their couch, being offered food, talking and giggling about life.  I can come to them with joy and things to celebrate and they will celebrate with me and I can come to them with pain and struggle and they will listen with patience and support.  Heather has helped me through some of my hardest moments in my adult life and has offered me concrete support and an endless listening heart.  When I spend time with them as parents we share moments of humor and delight in Benjamin and curiosity in the little human growing in front of our eyes.  To share life with Heather and Chris is to be allowed to bring your whole self and to be supported, loved, and have lots of laughter.

I could not recommend these two more highly as adopting parents. I have already seen them as parents and know they are more than ready to expand their family.  As an adopted child myself, I know what it takes to create a strong loving family and Heather and Chris and their extended family are ready and eagerly awaiting this next step in welcome a child in to their family and life.


Tessa Hersh

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Heather & Chris

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