Ellen & Paul in Colorado

Ellen & Paul in Colorado
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You are the hero in this story.

Your adoption plan is all about finding the right family for your child. Just by being here we know you believe in your child and want the best for his or her future.

Hi! We’re Ellen and Paul. We are a happy, down-to-earth, devoted couple living in Colorado who has built a strong and stable relationship over 11 years. We are excited to start our family through open adoption. Being parents would fill us with tremendous joy.

Our desire is for your child to know both our love AND your love.

We look forward to helping you have the relationship you want with your child. Maybe you don’t know what that will look like yet. Perhaps it will evolve over the course of your child’s life.

We will be here along the way to help in every way we can.

We welcome you to explore our pages here and our website and get a feel for who we are. You will know what is right for you when you find it.

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Who We Are

We met by accident when Ellen entered the wrong zip code into a dating website. As she finished up her busy veterinary residency program, she needed to move:

Ellen says, “I had an idea of finding a place to live by finding good boyfriend material in that town on Match.com. Just once I accidentally entered my current zip code for a search and up popped Paul! He was adventurous: he loved backpacking, traveling, running, paragliding and flying airplanes. He was close to his family, taking vacations with them all over the country, and I could tell he really cared about his friends. His father was a veterinarian, just like me. Something just clicked–I knew there was something very special about him.”

Paul says, “The company I worked for at the time was all guys—I wanted a girlfriend! I had been looking for someone special on Match without any luck. Then I got an email from Ellen. Because my Dad was a vet I knew the kind heart she had to help animals and their owners. When she wasn’t working or in school, she loved to run, cross-country ski, travel, read, and join her close group of friends for fun. She is amazingly creative too—whether it is writing, sewing, drawing or photography-she loves to make all sorts of things. I felt instantly comfortable with her and we talked for hours on end. I knew as soon as we met the first time that I had met the love of my life.”

We met for the first time (for Thai food) in October 2001, only a month after 9/11. We’ve been together ever since, marrying in 2004. Nowadays you will find us always working on some remodeling project at our house (that generally means finishing something we started months ago…). We enjoy spending our free time with Paul’s folks, our friends, and just together, going to dinner, movies or concerts. During vacation time, we love traveling to see Ellen’s family and visit dear friends around the country. On sunny days you will find us out walking or hiking the trails near our house with Beetlebug, our pug. And on blustery weekend afternoons we love to curl up together with good books.

The paragraph you just read makes our life sound pretty close to perfect-and often it feels like it is. But life always brings challenges—it’s what makes us who we are (battle scars and all!). We have survived our fair share of difficult circumstances. And for each challenge, at every step, we have grown stronger as a couple. We know we can tackle anything that comes our way and find happiness in the simple gifts each day can bring.

Why Adoption:
We both grew up in active, happy homes full of love. We really look forward to being able to share that same nurturing environment with a child. We know that adoption is the right choice for us. We tried in vitro fertilization (IVF) but when we didn’t get pregnant, Paul worried about the strain of multiple IVF treatments on Ellen. Ellen was surprised by her decision to pursue IVF because she has always imagined herself adopting. She has an aunt that was adopted as an infant, and her brother and his wife adopted three girls from China. Adoption has always seemed a natural way of growing a family. Families can be born in many miraculous ways and we know in our hearts this is the right path for ours.

Adoption Diary

It’s A Zoo Out There!!

When we first met, we soon discovered we had something unique in common.  As kids, we both had unusual experiences with zoo animals!

When Ellen was thirteen, she desperately wanted a dog.  After watering lawns and walking dogs for neighbors all Summer long, she finally had enough money saved to bring home her Golden Retriever puppy, Anna.  Her puppy, though, turned out to be livelier than her parents had counted on.  After Anna chewed the new wood deck and dug up and destroyed the rose garden, her parents decided Anna needed a different home.  An ad was placed in the newspaper and they got a phone call….from the San Diego Zoo!  The Zoo had just brought a new cheetah cub home from Africa and he was very lonely.  The Zoo didn’t have it in their budget for two cheetah cubs but they had an idea.  What if they raised the cub with a dog companion?  No one knew if it would work but Anna moved in with Arusha the Cheetah.  Anna was bigger than Arusha and she called the shots!  They immediately bonded and got along famously.  So well, in fact, that if Anna was ever separated from Arusha, he would cry for her until she returned.  All during high school, Ellen would return to the zoo and visit with Anna and Arusha.  She remembers running and playing with them in a giant grassy fenced area, and she remembers the feel of Arusha’s prickly tongue on her hand and his bristly fur.  Arusha’s legs were insanely long next to Anna’s.  Anna and Arusha both lived long and wonderful lives together, and their companionship was just the start of wild animals having domestic dog companions in zoos across the country.  Ellen will always thank Anna, Arusha and the staff at the San Diego Zoo for her passion for exotic animals and her motivation to get into veterinary school. 

Paul’s Father was a veterinarian at the Oklahoma City Zoo when Paul was five years old.  Sometimes baby zoo animals needed a bit of extra TLC.  His Dad would bring animals home and his mother cared for them. A South African wildcat stayed with them for over a year, adopted as a kitten by their Siamese housecat, Betsy.  Betsy was extremely proud of this extra big kitten she had raised—he had spots and stripes her other kittens didn’t have! The family’s most unusual experience was when Tommy the baby Orangutan came home.  He was small and sweet but Paul remembers he was incredibly strong! Orangutan babies hold onto their mother’s hair all day as they are carried around, so you can imagine how tightly they could grab your hair and pull!  At night, Tommy slept in Paul’s old baby crib.  His Mom (not so fondly) remembers changing Tommy’s diapers and trying to give the little guy a bath as he grabbed her hair. His parents set up a jungle gym of big chairs and ropes where Paul and Tommy loved to play together.  Eventually, Tommy returned to the zoo to live with his Orangutan family. Paul was amazed as he watched Tommy grow into a massive adult male Orangutan.  He couldn’t believe that he had once played with him as a little baby.  (See the picture of Paul with Tommy on our photo page!)

An Open Adoption Success Story

Briauna Persinger was just 15 when she got pregnant.  She had been living for years in a motel on East Colfax in Denver, CO in a single room with her grandparents.  She said “If I stay here, I won’t be able to even help me.  I knew I had to get out and do something and make something out of myself.” 

Briauna decided she wanted break out of the Colfax cycle by going to college.  She buckled down and got strong grades at George Washington High School. But, she did not know the process of applying to college let alone how she was going to pay for it all.

She received help from an unlikely ally - the family who adopted her daughter.  The adoptive family hired an advisor over the period of nearly a year to help Briauna apply to college, obtain scholarships, and figure out a way to pay her tuition.

“It’s just amazing,” said Tara Persinger, Briauna’s mother who now works as the manager of the hotel where they live. “She found the right family.”

The adoptive family also had connections to a small, all-women’s college in Nevada, Missouri. They helped Briauna get into Cottey College where she is now attending. Briauna says it is quite different than what she is used to.

“So, I’m here and I’m like, there’s a lot of space here and I can walk around outside and not worry about someone trying to pick me up,” Briauna said.

She doesn’t worry about her next meal. She is surrounded by friends instead of drug dealers and pimps. Briauna still can’t believe she is living in a small town going to college.

“A year ago I would’ve never thought of all the places, I would be in the middle of Missouri,” Briauna said.

Briauna wants to be a pharmacist. She plans on having a successful career and make enough money to get entire family away from the troubles on Colfax Avenue.

Video:  Teen breaks out of Colfax Cycle

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