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Our Story

Hi! We are Jeff and Katie. We have been married for almost 5 years. We are the proud parents of a 2 1/2 year old, Parker! He is the light of our life and the best thing that has ever happened to us. We adopted Parker from an amazing family that we love as out own. We are very excited to be given the chance to open our hearts again to becoming parents of another blessing. We are children at heart and enjoy the simple things in life. We have two wonderful dogs that we love to spend time outside with playing fetch and taking them to swim at the dog park. We love building forts in the living room, swimming, spending time on the lake, and playing outside. We love too days, playing at the children's museum, and play dates ties Parker's friends. Everyday is a new adventure and we cannot wait to share these adventures with the arrival of another child.
We love sharing our lives greatest moments as a family. We love picking out a real tree every Christmas, dyeing Easter eggs with our family, 4th of July fireworks on the lake, annual pumpkin carving contest with our friends. We promise to have dance parties in the living room, sneak in a snow cone on a hot day, plan big birthday parties, and let them know they are the biggest blessing in the world! WE are both blessed with wonderful families that continue to support us and are eager to share our love for this child. He or she will be welcomed into a large family so much love!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We just build a tow story, four bedroom, three bath home on nine acres acres of land! The best thing about it is that Kati's sister's family lives right behind us. They have a large swimming pool and horses. We have great neighbors and lots of young kids running around. There are several parks within a short drive with playgrounds, tennis courts, and a splash pad. Also one of the best soon in the country is only 30 minutes away along with a newly updated children's museum, both that we have yearly memberships to! Our school system is outstanding and they just built a brand new middle school and in the process of building a new high school. Our new home is ready to welcome another child. The greatest day will be the one in which we welcome out second child into our lives forever!

About Jeff

adoptive family photo - Jeff Jeff is an air traffic controllers, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Air Traffic Management. He is 32 years old and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jeff loves to be outside! He always has a new project as soon as he finishes one. He and Parker spend most of their days working in the garage and finding mud puddles to splash in!

Katie About Jeff:
"Jeff is the best man I have ever known! He is an amazing dad and loves spending time with Parker. He is a hard worker and always strives his to be the best person he can be. Jeff always has a positive attitude, no matter what the situation is and can make you laugh when no one else can. He has such a generous heart and always looking to help someone. He has so much commitment to our family and strives for excellence in our home and relationship."

Jeff's Likes
*Piano and Guitar
*The Lake
*Playing with kids

Fun fact about Jeff: Jeff wants to grow a Christmas tee farm on our land and he has his pilot license.

About Katie

adoptive family photo - Katie Katie works as a pediatric nurse one day a week and stays home the other 6 days. She is 33 years old and earned her bachelor's degree in Nursing. She grew up in New Albany, MS. She loves anything to do with crafts, from decorating cookies to making turtles out of tissue paper and paper plates with Parker. She loves the sunshine and being outside with Jeff and Parker!

Jeff about Katie:
"Katie is the best momma that I could imagine for my child an can't wait to add another child into our family. She is the most caring, nurturing person I know. She is always taking time away from herself to help others around her. Katie is everythgin I was looking for in a wife, and I wouldn't change a thing about our marriage. What I admire most about Katie is her willing to compromise. I admire her courage as a woman, and I believe she can do anything she sets her mind on. Katie is deeply committed to her family and will always love and sacrifice for her children."

Katie's Likes:

Fun fact about Katie:
Katie worked at a bakery in high school and loves the zoo as much as kids do!

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Jeff and Katie

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Jeff and Katie