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Our Story

We were introduced through a mutual friend after college and became friends. For a while we watched each other from afar but both started to realize we had feelings for one another. We began dating and quickly realized that we wanted nothing other than to begin our lives together!

Now we enjoy adventuring around our state, having game nights with friends and working on our house and yard

The photo is from our honeymoon on the Oregon Coast.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a 3 bedroom house in a fairly quiet neighborhood that is right behind a school. We know some of our neighbors. Our backyard is mostly grass and in the summer time we can be found hanging out of the patio playing lawn games with friends or family. We have a garden area that we love to grow our own vegetables in.

About Brandon

adoptive family photo - Brandon Brandon is a quite, patient, loyal man who is truly my best friend. He has stood proudly by me through all of life's ups and downs, always with a smile and ready to give a hug. He works as an engineer with a love for tinkering on machines, cars and crafting with wood.He always amazes me with his abilities to build or fix anything. He is always wanting to build and renovate our home as well as help out friends with their projects. He has taught me many skills in home repair, car maintenance and other great skills.He is excited for the day to pass on those skills of being handy, independent and to share the love of building. He also loves the outdoors, especially hiking and biking and does a lot of the cooking in our marriage, always surprising me with his creativity.
-Written by Melissa

About Melissa

adoptive family photo - Melissa Melissa is the most generous and loyal person you will meet. She has a very outgoing, fun and warm personality that makes her easy to talk to. She can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. She works as a pediatric nurse who truly loves her job and the children she gets the opportunity to help out. Outside of work she loves to babysit and take our friends' children to the movies, do crafts and go on fun adventures around the city. She is the most patient person I know and is it a pleasure to be married to such wonderful woman. She is usually not afraid to try new things and she is always finding new places for us to explore. She comes up with very delicious meal ideas (her mashed potatoes are the best!) as well as creative projects/accents around our home. She cannot wait to be a mother, she is ready to nurture and support a child to become whoever they want to be.
-Written by Brandon

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Brandon & Melissa

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Brandon & Melissa