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Our Story

Creativity and laughter plus music make up our life together. We planned our own wedding in a garden with a full New England clambake and a taste of Hawaii. At the end of the wedding ceremony, we placed fresh leis around the necks of each other’s families as our band played the Hawaiian version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
The day was festive with live Hawaiian music and hula dancers. We both knew we wanted it to be fun and oriented around the things we loved, and our friends came together to act as the wedding band and DJ, and danced hula for us.
Kris played a song on the ukulele for Amy. Even now people talk about how special it was. We try to keep this joy alive in our household, singing and playing music together.

We have stable and fulfilling work with a good income. Amy works in publishing and Kris works in higher education at a University. We both have flexibility in our schedules and plan to raise a child together. We are able to afford a good quality of life.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a diverse, quiet residential neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. We love walking around the neighborhood on weekends. We are a stone’s throw from Fort Greene Park, a big public park with tennis courts and a dog run and farmer’s market on Saturdays. There’s an award-winning public school on the next block and a kids’ public swimming pool and playground. Sometimes there are outdoor music festivals in the parks and we love to go out and see everyone, from little kids to old people, having fun and enjoying the music. On Halloween Fort Greene Park hosts a dog costume contest called the Great Pupkin and the costumes are always hilarious and super-creative. There is a historic antique carousel that gives rides to children nearby.
Our apartment building has a private courtyard the size of a football field, it is filled with toys for the building’s kids. Our kitchen is open and warm, with room to bake cookies. Our home has many musical instruments to pick up and play or sing with. There is room to rumpus and dance. A bedroom with lots of space and light is waiting.
There are many neighbor children of all races who live on our street.
With so much to see in the world, we like to take time to observe and draw. There will be drawing and painting aplenty at home. At storytelling time, we will not only read books aloud, we will encourage the telling of stories to each other.

About Amy

adoptive family photo - Amy Amy grew up in Chicago and has a brother named Joe and a sister named Julie. Amy went to Wesleyan University and works in publishing in New York City. She started as an intern/receptionist and worked her way to her current job as a Senior Editor. She is social, nurturing, and a connector of people. Amy enjoys quiet time and working on crafts like making shell earrings, knitting, embroidery, and making fresh flower leis. Amy loves children and often makes baby blankets and other knitted items for friends. She can't wait to knit booties, blankets, and hats for a little one. Amy loves to cook and try healthy recipes. She makes her grandmother’s Cowboy Cookies recipe as a special treat.

About Kris

adoptive family photo - Kris Kris grew up in New York City. She has two brothers, and two sisters -- plus four nephews and two nieces. Kris went to college in New York and has a Masters Degree is in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and a Masters Degree in Writing. She won a prize for a children’s book manuscript and loves to tell stories.
After working in the entertainment field (including a circus) and architecture, Kris worked for a major sports league. Kris is now a senior administrator at a University. With a flexible schedule and great benefits from the University, Kris is looking forward to making sure your child receives an excellent education and the ability to pursue interests like dance, ballet, sports, music, arts, and summer camp. Kris has experience as a volunteer youth coach in sports and in after school activities. Kris loves to draw. Kris can toss a football with a spiral, teach batting stances, how to swing a golf club, and how to throw a curveball.

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Amy & Kris

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