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Anthony & Bonnie
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NYC couple, happily married, financially secure and so ready to adopt and grow our family.

We are Anthony and Bonnie and would like to thank you for viewing our profile. We cannot imagine how hard a decision this must be for you but would like you to know how much we want to adopt a child and how loving we are.

As you look through our profile you will see pictures of our family, anthony has 2 older daughters and we are all very close. These girls are my step daughters and could not love them more if they were my own. They cannot wait to have a little brother or sister to love and help take care of.

Through our profile we want you to see how much love we have to give and how ready we are to give it. We always knew adoption would be how we grew our family but didn’t realize how hard this process would be. Even though we are on two different ends of this journey we both want the same thing in the end.. the best life for this child.

Again we cannot imagine how hard this is for you and all you are going through to make this decision and hopefully we can help make the decision a little easier by knowing your child would be in a happy home with so much love.

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Who We Are

A little about us... we met 20 years ago through a friend , I had gone to a wedding with him just as friends, and later that night we met up with other people to go out in the city and we picked up Anthony on the way. By the end of that night anthony and I had become inseparable. We became best friends and 20 years later we still are.

Our life together - Long story short... when I met anthony he had a 3.5 year old daughter Rhiannon. He told me about her right away and I couldnt wait to get to know her.. trying to bond with a 3.5 year old was challenging at times but we became so close and she is now 24 and she is like my best friend. We are so close and its the most amazing feeling to have her In my life.

16 years ago Anthony’s ex-wife had a daughter with another man who decided not to be around for his daughter and Anthony stepped up and took on this role.. we had accepted this child into our home and love her more than anything.
Gia is now 16 and is as big a part of our family as Rhiannon

This is the type of home we have and the type of couple we are.. and we cannot wait to add a baby into our home and love this child as much as we possibly can.

Adoption Diary

The journey.

This process is hard for everyone involved but I truly believe we are already meant to meet and we are already on the path to do so.

I have never been so scared, excited and anxious to meet the love of my life, i cannot wait for that moment when my life becomes complete.

I cannot wait to meet both of you and together decide to give this child the best life possible.

I am already thankful for the opportunity to be a Mom, the one thing i want more than anything else in this world.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Anthony & Bonnie

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Anthony & Bonnie