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I grew up in New York, in suburbs and had the best of both worlds. Not at all what you see on T.V., there is a lot of grass and trees and very much a neighborhood feel, but I was lucky enough to be so close to New York City. Being so close to the city, I was able to experience a lot of what people go on vacation to see . . . Central Park, Museums, Broadway Shows and all of the excitement a city-life can bring. But I always got to drive back home to a much quieter neighborhood, where I had my local pizza place and park around the corner. Now I live one neighborhood over from where I grew up.

I stayed close to home because my friends and family are here and we are incredibly close (you will get to meet them on the next page). I've known many of my friends for over 20 years and they have also become like family. Everyone around me has been really supportive and excited for me to adopt and can't wait to meet the new addition to my family!

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About Tracy

More about me . . . Adoption has always been something I imagined for my life whether I had children of my own or not. I genuinely feel I couldn't imagine doing it any other way!

For work, I teach as a college professor and own a children's theatre company. I have a very flexible schedule and I can choose when I work depending on what my child's schedule will be. I am also lucky enough to have summers off and all the school holidays.

What I find most fulfilling is not just working with my professional acting students, but working with the average child and helping each of them find their own voice. Theater has always been an outlet for creativity, confidence and just plain fun for my students. It's a passion I get to fulfill by helping to mentor those who have dreams of becoming a performer or just being able to confidently stand up in front of others and feel good about themselves.

Aside from my work, I have a large support system, between my sister and her family, as well as my parents and a lot of close friends. Everyone is so excited, supportive and can't wait to meet the new baby! (I'm also open to adopting older babies, toddlers and twins)

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