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I want to start by telling you just how brave and selfless I feel you are. Whatever your circumstance, I admire you for taking the steps to get to know a potential adoptive parent. I have worked with children my whole life and always imagined having one of my own. My family and friends are so excited and can't wait to meet them!

To get to know more about me, please visit my website - TracyAdopt.com

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Who I Am

I grew up in New York, in suburbs and had the best of both worlds. Not at all what you see on T.V., there is a lot of grass and trees and very much a neighborhood feel, but I was lucky enough to be so close to New York City. Being so close to the city, I was able to experience a lot of what people go on vacation to see . . . Central Park, Museums, Broadway Shows and all of the excitement a city-life can bring. But I always got to drive back home to a much quieter neighborhood, where I had my local pizza place and park around the corner. Now I live one neighborhood over from where I grew up.

I stayed close to home because my friends and family are here and we are incredibly close (you will get to meet them on the next page). I've known many of my friends for over 20 years and they have also become like family. Everyone around me has been really supportive and excited for me to adopt and can't wait to meet the new addition to my family!

Adoption Diary

Grandma Dotty!

With my best friends Grandma who is 96 years old!  She is an amazing example for anyone getting older.  She is spunky, loves being around young people, doesn’t complain about being older . . . amazing!!!


This is nowhere as impressive as the pie I baked a while back and they look kinda gross, but taste amazing!!! #Brownies #Baking #Adoptababy

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Tracy 917-408-3550

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Tracy 917-408-3550