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Vu & Kathleen


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Our Story

We attended different high schools in the same town - Concord, CA, and initially met during our senior year. After we had both graduated from college (Vu from UC Santa Barbara and Kathleen from UC Berkeley) and moved back home, we reunited at a friend’s party. Vu asked Kathleen out on a date for sushi, and the relationship took off from there. About 8 months later, Kathleen left for graduate school in Boston, then accepted a job in Los Angeles, resulting in a 4-year long distance relationship. Vu patiently waited for her in the Bay Area, where we knew we wanted to eventually settle down. We were so excited when she found a job back in the Bay Area!

After dating for almost 7 years, we got married in the summer of 2015 in a small Catholic church. Now, we live in the city where we first met - in Concord, CA!

We love to travel and try new foods and experiences. Recently, we visited the Philippines and Vietnam, where our parents are from. We also enjoy hiking, camping, watching sports (our favorite teams are the Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders, and Golden State Warriors), and spending time with our loved ones. While we have many family and friends nearby, we also often travel to southern California, Las Vegas, and Hawaii to visit them.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home in Concord, CA is located in a safe, quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. We live in a 3-bedroom townhouse and have several good schools nearby. Our community includes a swimming pool and short walking paths. There is also a park across the street from our neighborhood with a large playground, additional walking trails, and a huge field to run around in. Just a short drive away are various local, state, and national parks, museums, zoos, theme parks, concert halls, performing arts centers, and many more destinations to entertain us on weekends.

About Kathleen

adoptive family photo - Kathleen Kathleen works for a county health department, managing contracts between healthcare providers and health plans. She is the only child of Filipino immigrants and by age 5, they had lived in Chicago, Las Vegas, and eventually settled in Pittsburg, CA, where her parents still live today and is the neighboring town to us. Kathleen grew up with many cousins and friends. She is naturally very organized and always thinks of others’ well-being before herself. Her parents are excited to meet and spend time with their first grandchild. In her spare time, Kathleen likes to try cooking family recipes; she recently took on replicating her late grandfather’s well-loved spaghetti sauce recipe!

About Vu

adoptive family photo - Vu Vu currently works in San Francisco for a vacation rental software company. He was raised in Concord by his single mother and 6 older siblings who immigrated from Vietnam in the late 1970’s. Vu gets along very well with people, easily making friends wherever he goes. His family is very excited to add on to the already existing 13 grandchildren. He is also really great with kids; he loves to play with them and the kids use their charm to get whatever they want from their Uncle Vu, and he is very protective of them. In his spare time, Vu likes to work on home improvement projects and recently helped his brother build a swing set for his nieces!

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Vu & Kathleen

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Vu & Kathleen