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Our Story

We were introduced in October 2013 by mutual friends. As we continued to date, we discovered we shared common values, outlooks, goals, and faith. The most important thing we had in common was our desire to marry our best friend and have a family. We were lucky to have finally found one another.

When we first got together it was the beginning of the Christmas season. It had always been our favorite holiday, but spending it together, made it that much more magical. Christmas took on a whole new meaning spending it together. So when better for Jeff to propose than on 12/25/2014. We were married the following October in a church in Westchester and the reception in NYC. It was another magical day to add to our books--surrounded by our family, friends and LOVE. It was also one of THE most fun nights of our life together--we danced all night long and didn't stop. We even extended our wedding by 30 minutes because no one wanted to leave the dance floor! It was the perfect way to kick off our life together!

Suzanne grew up in the suburbs of New York City. She is extremely close with her family who all live nearby. Suzanne works part-time with her father in a family business but is primarily a stay-at-home mom to Michael. Suzanne is looking forward to spending every day with Michael’s new baby brother or sister.

Jeff grew up about 30 miles north of Suzanne. Jeff is close with his immediate family and has a large extended family as well. Jeff is a lawyer with his own practice, who has worked with his father as well.

Our son, Michael, was born in September 2016. Michael has brought such love to our life that we didn’t know could exist—it sounds incredibly cheesy—but it is true. We love being parents. Michael is just the sweetest little baby, and he would be a wonderful big brother—we can just tell. We have so much love and laughter to give, and we are excited to add to our family. This is how we came to the decision that adoption was for us.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home In the summer of 2015 right before our wedding, we bought a house in Westchester and moved in. We live in the town where Suzanne grew up. Our home is spacious and ready for a growing family. We presently have an empty bedroom that we cannot wait to decorate for our new baby. We also have a large fenced in backyard with a jungle gym playset with swings and a slide as well as a spacious green grass yard to play sports as well. Our town is wonderful and has many community events each year, great schools, churches, stores, libraries, playgrounds/parks, and lots of fun things for families to do like gym class or music class. Our home has always been about children and family. We enjoy having everyone over for holidays or just simple get togethers. We are blessed to live blocks from Suzanne’s family and only 30 minutes from Jeff’s family, so we have no shortage of babysitters who are eager to help and welcome our new addition. Our entire family is tremendously excited to have the opportunity to welcome another child to fill with love, learning, and laughter. We live in a community of families and have many friends with children in the area. We love hosting family barbeques or game-watch get togethers and of course Christmas Parties. We love having our home filled with families and love.

About Suzanne

Jeff on Suzanne:

When I met Suzanne, her personality was everything and more to what I expected. I first noticed her eyes—they were beautiful and welcoming and I was instantly attracted. I could tell she had a wide-open heart and extremely genuine love. As our relationship has grown I have come to love how honest a person she is and how much she cares for the people in her life. She has a warm way with family, friends and especially children and you can tell that just by being around her for a few seconds. Suzanne has amazing qualities; her confidence and how much she values herself and her family above all are just a few. Suzanne is an excellent mother, it comes naturally to her. She wakes up every morning with a smile and an excitement to get the day started with us. Michael and I instantly become giddy and excited too. In the kitchen she takes Michael in her arms as she is cooking and Michael is right there with her with his “Big Spoon” following her every move. She takes Michael to mommy and me gym class and music class and sends me pictures while I am at work to keep m included. I appreciate how her joy in being a mother makes our home peaceful, fun and welcoming. She constantly arranges “play dates” both for her and Michael and for us as a family on the weekend. I am very lucky to have Suzanne and Michael and am looking forward to our family growing and enjoying more moments as family.

About Jeff

Suzanne on Jeff:

When I first met Jeff, I thought--“WHAT A GOOD-LOOKING GUY!!” Beyond that, within the first hour of our first date I could tell he was caring, honest, fun and wanted the same thing life I did—marriage and a family. Jeff is also extremely dedicated, dedicated to family and friendships. Jeff is adored by all, he is charming, fun, active, and loyal, above all else. His extensive friendship base is a testament to his personality and the type of person he is. He goes above and beyond for those he loves. In his career, he has the determination to be the best attorney he can be. It makes me so proud to hear his co-workers, fellow colleagues and Judges speak highly of him in his profession. His enthusiasm for his job is one of the most attractive traits. While he is ambitious in his career, he puts Michael and I first. He would drop anything and everything to be there for us, and make time for us. He makes us feel incredibly special. Seeing Jeff as a dad literally warms my heart. Jeff wakes Michael up every morning—it’s his special time with Michael before he leaves for work. Hearing him play with Michael or talk to Michael as he is getting him up makes me smile every morning. When Jeff makes it home before Michael’s bedtime, the excitement Michael displays when he hears the garage door by running to the back door…. it’s heartwarming. On the weekends Jeff loves playing with Michael outside with a bat and a ball or “exploring”, or on our back-yard swing set or in the driveway with a ball and bat. Jeff is an all-around dad, he loves playing with Michael, snuggling with Michael, tickling Michael and teaching Michael. I cannot wait to see him as a father to more children. Jeff is my “person”, my other-half, my best friend, my partner in crime. I am so lucky to have Jeff and Michael in my life and I cannot wait for our family to grow.

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