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Suzanne & Jeff
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We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. We are Suzanne, Jeff, and Michael. We hope that through this profile you will see the love we have for each other, our families, and our child. We are really excited to adopt and welcome your child into our family and our home.

Our lives have been blessed with love, friends, family and a strong faith. We hope to bring home a sibling for Michael to grow with. Please know that your child will recieve love, attention, faith, and support from our loving families, friends, and, first and foremost from us. We will nurture them and bring them up with Michael. We will cherish them and tell them they are loved every single day. They will go to bed every night with a bedtime story, a "tuck in" and a kiss goodnight. We will forever be grateful to you. We will always speak of you with respect, and admiration, and love. Our life has been a great journey together, and we pray our family will grow with another child to love and care for. Thank you for considering us as you make your deicison.

Suzanne & Jeff (and Michael)

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Who We Are

We were introduced in October 2013 by mutual friends. As we continued to date, we discovered we shared common values, outlooks, goals, and faith. The most important thing we had in common was our desire to marry our best friend and have a family. We were lucky to have finally found one another.

When we first got together it was the beginning of the Christmas season. It had always been our favorite holiday, but spending it together, made it that much more magical. Christmas took on a whole new meaning spending it together. So when better for Jeff to propose than on 12/25/2014. We were married the following October in a church in Westchester and the reception in NYC. It was another magical day to add to our books--surrounded by our family, friends and LOVE. It was also one of THE most fun nights of our life together--we danced all night long and didn't stop. We even extended our wedding by 30 minutes because no one wanted to leave the dance floor! It was the perfect way to kick off our life together!

Suzanne grew up in the suburbs of New York City. She is extremely close with her family who all live nearby. Suzanne works part-time with her father in a family business but is primarily a stay-at-home mom to Michael. Suzanne is looking forward to spending every day with Michael’s new baby brother or sister.

Jeff grew up about 30 miles north of Suzanne. Jeff is close with his immediate family and has a large extended family as well. Jeff is a lawyer with his own practice, who has worked with his father as well.

Our son, Michael, was born in September 2016. Michael has brought such love to our life that we didn’t know could exist—it sounds incredibly cheesy—but it is true. We love being parents. Michael is just the sweetest little baby, and he would be a wonderful big brother—we can just tell. We have so much love and laughter to give, and we are excited to add to our family. This is how we came to the decision that adoption was for us.

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Suzanne & Jeff

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Suzanne & Jeff