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About Me

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My Story

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I am the youngest of three children and one of the youngest grandchildren. I was raised in a fairly traditional African-American family with southern roots. Growing up, my parents made sure we spent a lot of time with our extended family, and we saw our grandparents every day. I liked school and was very involved at school, church, and other social groups. I loved to dance (still do!) and took dance classes from childhood into college. I enjoyed high school and I was a cheerleader. I’ve always had a sense of independence and had a part-time job in high school and college so that I could buy things for myself and learn to save money. I went to college and graduate school in Florida, and attended law school in Georgia.

​I moved to New York after grad school and fell in love with the city. I have lived here 16 years and am still amazed at all this city has to offer. I have had opportunities and experiences here in New York that I am sure I would not have in any other city. I have several cousins here and the best of friends from every ethnicity, religion, and background – they are my "New York Family".

My Home

​I live in a condo in a historic neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is a family neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a close walk to waterfront parks and playgrounds. There are many children in the neighborhood and a strong sense of community.

The schools are highly-ranked for their academics and the area offers many kids programs for every activity a child could dream of (music, martial arts, science, visual arts, etc.).

It has a small town feel, but with quick access to all the benefits of the city - concerts, museums, cultural events, theatre, zoo - the list is endless. I am also close to several beaches, the Poconos, and the Adirondack Mountains.

On the weekends, I like to take long walks and enjoy the energy of neighborhood.

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Lori Hopes to Adopt

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Lori Hopes to Adopt