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Brooke & Malcolm
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Ni sa bula vinaka!

Thank you so much for taking time to look at our profile and for taking the time to consider our family. We are going about this entire process with all the faith and hope for both your family and ours. We are so completely impressed with your faith and courage in doing what you feel is best for you and your sweet baby. We are excited and humbled by the opportunity to welcome you and your family, into ours.

A little bit about Brooke (from Malcolm):
Brooke grew up in a big family with 8 siblings! She shares the title of being the oldest with her twin brother. Adoption has played a very large and significant role her in family. She has 5 siblings that have been adopted, as well as many adopted cousins who have joined their family from all over the world.
Brooke has a heart of gold! She would do anything for anyone at a moment’s notice. One of the many qualities that I love about Brooke, is her ability to love unconditionally. She is always first to love, and last to judge (which I believe is a rare quality to find in most people these days).
Brooke has the most contagious laugh.... she laughs so hard she snorts! But most importantly I love watching her be a mother. She is one to always put the needs of our family before her own.

A little bit about Malcolm (from Brooke):
Malcolm is the second oldest out of 4 children. He grew up on a farm, in a small country town. His family could be found camping as often as possible and letting Malcolm fish to his heart’s content. He played basketball, baseball and ran track all through Jr. High and High School and did very well at it. He still loves playing sports or doing anything active. I love that he is always up for an adventure!
Malcolm is the hardest working, kind, patient, thoughtful and loving person I have ever known. He is the most amazing father! Our kids absolutely adore him and love to do anything and everything with him. Malcolm is very handy and can fix just about anything. I love that he takes the time to teach all our children how to do things even though it might take him twice as long to finish the project.
Malcolm has an amazing love for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is always exemplifying Christ by loving and serving all of those who are around him. He is my best friend and I feel so fortunate to be able to go through life and eternity with him by my side.
Where we began:
Malcolm and I met in high school at a leadership retreat when we were 17 years old. From that first day that we met I knew there was something very special about him. We stayed in contact for the next year or two until he left to serve a church mission in the Fiji Islands. While he was serving his mission, I was attending Utah State University. As luck would have it, Malcolm’s older brother lived in my same apartment complex and we became friends. Shortly after, Malcolm returned home from his mission and moved in with his brother. We started dating and were married 10 months later. We have been married over 9 years. We have been extremely blessed to have been able to have 3 biological children. They are 7,6 and 4 years old.
We are a family that likes to have fun! We love all things outdoors. Some of our most treasured moments have been doing the simplest of things. We love to go camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, or anything we can do as a family. Our summer nights usually consist of a family bike ride around our neighborhood or a soccer game out in the yard. We love sitting out on the back porch roasting marshmallows and having family and friends over!
Several years ago, the Lord answered our prayers that our little family was not yet finished! After having lost many pregnancies, we knew that adoption was the route we needed to go to complete our family. We truly believe every family has a story, and we want to welcome you to ours!

With love,

Brooke and Malcolm

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Malcolm and I met our senior year in high school at a leadership retreat. I thought he was the cutest country boy I had ever seen! After Malcolm returned home from his mission in the Fiji Islands, we started dating while attending Utah State University. We were married less then a year later in the Salt Lake Temple. We have 3 beautiful children. Hayley is 7, Camden is 6 and Adalynn is 4. We love to do a lot as a family! Our newest hobby is riding 4 wheeler's. We live in a beautiful valley that is surrounded by amazing mountains. It is so fun to hop on the 4 wheeler's and take the kids to explore new places at a moments notice! We love being parents, and knew our family wasn't complete. We started trying to get baby number 4 here for several years which was a very heart breaking trial for us. We miscarried 3 times consecutively. After losing the 3 pregnancies we tried several fertility medications that proved time and time again to be unsuccessful for us. Even though we can no longer add children to our family biologically, we are so excited and grateful to continue our family story through adoption!

Adoption Diary

Where do a I fit in?

Something that has been on my mind lately… is rude and ignorant comments from individuals who follow my blog.

Of course we would adopt a Caucasian baby…...And of course we would adopt outside our race and ethnicity! Let me tell you why!

In our family we truly believe that color is BEAUTIFUL! Our race and ethnicity is what makes us unique and special! It should be embraced and valued!
Another reason is we want our future child to fit in and feel like they have belonged since the very beginning! Brooke has 5 adopted siblings that are AA or biracial! She has 15 cousins that have been adopted from all over the world. We love that our child will look just like his/her aunts, uncles and their cousins! Which person wants nothing more to feel like they belong and they are loved and wanted. We promise that we will not let a day go by that we don’t let your baby know that they are loved and wanted!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brooke & Malcolm

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Brooke & Malcolm