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Randy and I met on a shuttle on the way to the Denver airport, in a crazy fateful way. On the shuttle we began to chat and totally hit it off. Unfortunately our flights were in different terminals so we had to cut our visit short. In our conversation, I mentioned I was from Buffalo. Remember, this was before cell phones! When I returned there was a note on my car with his number. He had remembered that I was from New York and saw New York plates on a car near his and took a chance and left a note. The rest is history.
We lived in Denver for 3 years before we got married. We absolutely loved Colorado - we hiked, ran and skied the years away. We also traveled to many exotic countries. Our neighborhood was filled with friends whom we called “the village” and they became and still are like family to us. Soon after we were married Randy’s job took us to New Jersey and although we missed our life in Colorado New Jersey was to be an adventure!
About seven years ago, we traded in the mountains for the Jersey Shore and soon after getting settled we were blessed with Joe, and a few years later Nico. Our life now revolves around our children. We spend the day at the beach where the kids play in the pool or the spray ground. Joe loves to go into the Ocean, Nico isn’t so sure. We have traded in our exotic vacations for trips to Florida in the winter to warm up and trips to the mountains in the summer to cool off! We are only a 30-minute ferry ride to New York city so we like to jump into the city whenever we have time to visit the zoo, museums or just hang out and experience the city.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is truly a home. We try to keep some order, but trains and Legos get built and that has become the theme of our home. In the winter we like to cuddle by the fire and have hot cocoa, in the summer the boys learn to swim in our pool. They love to jump around and play in the back yard.
I would say the best part about our home is the neighborhood it is in. They close down the streets in the morning and afternoon so kids can safely ride their bikes to school. They also close them down again at noon so kids can come home for lunch. This is truly a kid-oriented town! You will always see children on bikes or walking with fishing poles or baseball bats. The kids rule the town!

About About Mandy From Randy

adoptive family photo - About Mandy From Randy I met Mandy at a time and place where I would never have expected to meet the love of my life – on an off-airport shuttle bus at Denver International Airport. I only was able to see and talk to her for 10 minutes before I had to catch my flight, but I knew that I had to see her again. Due to some persistence and some blind luck, we met back up a couple of months later and have never looked back!
Mandy is everything that I always wanted in a wife – she is passionate, loyal, and most importantly, family focused. When I first met her she talked about her family constantly and that told me everything that I needed to know about her – that she would be an amazing wife and mother. Being married for just over 10 years now, I am so happy to say that everything that I thought from the beginning has come true. She truly loves our two boys, Joe & Nico, to the moon and back. There is not one thing that she would not do for any of us without blinking an eye.
Mandy is the glue that holds our entire family together – she takes care of so many things and is always two steps ahead of all of us. She is such a wonderful wife and mother to our two boys and I know that she will be a truly fantastic mother to the baby.

About About Randy From Mandy

adoptive family photo - About Randy From Mandy My mother was a single mother and my father wasn’t around too much. I wasn’t sure about the institution of marriage when I was in my 20’s and didn’t think I wanted to get married. Then I met Randy. He showed up out of nowhere and taught me what real love is.
Randy is kind, loyal, thoughtful and intelligent. I joke that he is my moral compass; he always knows what is right and always does the right thing which is so impressive to me. He takes such good care of all of us every day from making sure we have enough eggs for breakfast to working hard to provide for us.
Randy is the most amazing father. Just when I think I can’t love him anymore I see him with Joe and Nico and I admire him even more. He has his own language with Joe about super heroes and cartoon characters and they laugh constantly. And he is so sweet and tender with Nico kissing and loving him all the time.
Randy is truly an amazing husband and an amazing father and I can’t wait to see him hold a baby again – he will be incredible with the baby.

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Randy and Mandy

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Randy and Mandy