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Randy and Mandy


Randy and Mandy
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Hello! We are Mandy, Randy, Joseph and Nicholas and it is so nice to “meet” you. This book tells our story and I hope it gives you some insight into our lives. I’m certain that your life is complex right now, but want you know that you are brave and unselfish to be considering adoption. Regardless of your choice I wish you nothing but love and blessings. I have nothing but respect for you and your decisions.

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Randy and I met on a shuttle on the way to the Denver airport, in a crazy fateful way. On the shuttle we began to chat and totally hit it off. Unfortunately our flights were in different terminals so we had to cut our visit short. In our conversation, I mentioned I was from Buffalo. Remember, this was before cell phones! When I returned there was a note on my car with his number. He had remembered that I was from New York and saw New York plates on a car near his and took a chance and left a note. The rest is history.
We lived in Denver for 3 years before we got married. We absolutely loved Colorado - we hiked, ran and skied the years away. We also traveled to many exotic countries. Our neighborhood was filled with friends whom we called “the village” and they became and still are like family to us. Soon after we were married Randy’s job took us to New Jersey and although we missed our life in Colorado New Jersey was to be an adventure!
About seven years ago, we traded in the mountains for the Jersey Shore and soon after getting settled we were blessed with Joe, and a few years later Nico. Our life now revolves around our children. We spend the day at the beach where the kids play in the pool or the spray ground. Joe loves to go into the Ocean, Nico isn’t so sure. We have traded in our exotic vacations for trips to Florida in the winter to warm up and trips to the mountains in the summer to cool off! We are only a 30-minute ferry ride to New York city so we like to jump into the city whenever we have time to visit the zoo, museums or just hang out and experience the city.

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Randy and Mandy

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Randy and Mandy