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Halloween 2018

We hope you enjoyed your Halloween! It was a blast this year with Nicholas and Matthew!  Nicholas had his parade at school and then trick or treating with both boys was so much fun! Hoping to have a new addition to share this tradition with next year! Read more »

Happy Sunday!  ❤

We hope you enjoyed your weekend! Last night we celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse… the food was amazing!  Today Chrissy got to see sweet Matthew! He is getting so big so fast!!  Love him so much!! ❤❤❤ Read more »

Wildwood Days!

We enjoyed a relaxing few days in Wildwood! The weather was gorgeous and Roxy loved the beach and boardwalk!  We cannot wait to share this tradition with our little boy or girl! Read more »

Sunday Night

We hope everyone had a great weekend!! It’s Sunday night and work/Monday anxiety has officially kicked in! We had a nice weekend filled with a mixture of work, laundry, relaxing, and fun celebrating Jeff’s father’s birthday! We cannot wait to have a little boy or girl to celebrate “Pop Pop’s” birthday with! Read more »

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Chrissy and Roxy are struggling to get moving on this Monday morning. Jeff is already at work…he is definitely the morning person in this house LOL. Have a great day! Feel free to reach out at anytime…we would love to get to know you! ❤ Read more »

Decade Day!

Today was Decade Day at Chrissy’s company! Each department was assigned a different decade and dressed up and decorated their department accordingly. We were 1920’s. This is Chrissy and her work besties! Read more »

Yay for the Weekend!!

We hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and staying cool if you are in the NJ/NY area!! The temperature could go up to 100 degrees!! Last night we had an AMAZING dinner at this seafood restaurant not too far from us! It was our 1st time there and won’t be our last! Looking forward to enjoying a relaxing Sunday in the AC! Please feel Read more »

Family Fun Day! ❤

Nicholas and Aunt Chrissy on the way home from cousin Luke’s house on Saturday. We had a great time at a family bbq to see cousins that came up from Georgia. Read more »

Happy Birthday!

Tonight we are taking Jeff’s mom out to dinner for her birthday. We are going to this great little Italian restaurant that we all love! Looking forward to good food and good company! We cannot wait to have a little boy or girl to share all of our celebrations with! Read more »

Memorial Day Weekend

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Saturday was gorgeous and a perfect day for the park and a Puppachino for Roxy! Saturday night was date night and we enjoyed a really cute italian restaurant recommended by a close friend. Sunday we went to dinner again but this time with Nick and Deanna…always fun when we are together! Today Read more »

Christmas in May!

Finally fits! When we bought this outfit for Matthew in December it was huge! Now it’s perfect! How cute is he though?! Read more »

Relaxing Saturday Night

Hello! We are enjoying a relaxing Saturday night at home! We had really yummy empanadas for dinner and are watching Impractical Jokers… we saw some of these episodes a million times but they are still funny! Sweet Roxanne is snoring away on the couch next to Chrissy…she is the cutest! We are hoping the weather is nice tomorrow. Our Read more »

WBW? Is there such a thing as Way Back Wednesday? ;)

In honor of this upcoming Mother’s Day here is a pic of Chrissy’s mom and nephew Nicholas on Mother’s Day 2016. Nicholas was SO little!  We hope these pics give you a little insight into our lives and family. We would love to get to know you better! Read more »


Last night Chrissy and her mom babysat for her nephews. There was not too much time for pics but was able to get this one with sweet Matthew! Read more »

Snow Day!

Hello! Today Chrissy’s office is closed due to the snow and she is working from home. Jeff still had to go into the office but hopefully he will be able to leave early! The snow looks pretty from the nice warm house and it’s not coming down too bad yet! Stay safe! Read more »

Going to be a Godmother again!!

Chrissy was asked to be Godmother to our newest and perfect nephew Matthew!! She is super excited and was surprised since she is Godmother to her brother’s 1st son Nicholas as well!! Such an honor and blessing!! Read more »

Have a great day!

Good morning! Jeff is up and out and Chrissy is procrastinating getting ready for work! This is about how it goes Monday through Friday in our house lol! Enjoy the day! Read more »

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!! We are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend!! Enjoy!! Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about us! We would love to get to know you!! Read more »

Roxy’s Birthday!!

Today is our girl’s birthday!! We took her for some of her favorite things…a ride in the car, Starbucks for a Puppachino, and a visit to Mimi and Pop Pop’s!! Here is a pic of her with presents! Read more »

Dog Friendly Vacation Spots

In the process of looking for a dog friendly vacation spot for the summer…dog friendly house, beach, restaurants… We always dream about starting vacation traditions with a little boy or girl. ❤❤❤ Read more »

Chrissy’s Birthday

Today is Chrissy’s birthday! We are off to see Chrissy’s parents to celebrate! Unfortunately both of our little nephews are sick so we have to wait until next week to see them. Have a great weekend! Read more »

Superbowl Friday!

We made it to Friday! Chrissy’s company is having a Superbowl party today…pizza…wings…contests..lots of fun! Chrissy is not so much into watching the Superbowl on Sunday but cannot wait to see This Is Us! Tissues are ready, but I don’t know if we have enough! :( Enjoy your day!! Read more »

Roxy snuggles

When you don’t want to move on a Tuesday morning because Roxy is the best snuggler… ❤❤❤ Read more »

Snow in New Jersey

Predictions of more snow in New Jersey make us day dream of vacations and warm weather. This pic was taken on our 1st trip to Vegas with Chrissy’s brother and sister-in-law. Read more »

Dad’s Birthday!

Last night we went to Chrissy’s parents’ house to celebrate her Dad’s birthday. Love love this pic of Uncle Jeff reading to Nicholas (and Nicholas reading to Uncle Jeff)! Nicholas LOVES his books…and his Uncle Jeff! Read more »

Future Baby’s Room

Good morning! This morning we got new carpet installed in what will be the future baby’s room! Who knew that new carpet could be so exciting?! Cannot wait to paint the room blue or pink! Read more »

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday and welcome to our 1st diary entry! We hope our profile is giving you a good idea of who we are! Call, text, or email us anytime! Tonight we are all cozy in our pj’s and watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives…we love Guy Fieri! Roxy girl is snuggled up and snoring under her blanket! Have a great weekend! Read more »

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